Bonus week…when Thanksgiving comes early <3

I am having a slow start to Monday and it isn’t even because of all the cyber sales that are being offered, which excuse me….

but …

I have been getting Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails since like the Labor Day sales emails ended and I do believe I could be a millionaire twice over for the all the money they are offering to save us. 

I think like all things American, we may have run this Door Buster train into the ground. 

Russ and I wandered over the mall late in the afternoon yesterday just to get a change of scenery and start the old Christmas shopping adventure in motion and most of the stores looked like something dreadful had occurred and everyone left in a panic. 

I was walking through the bedding department of Kohl’s and in every aisle people had left clothes on hangars dangling from the racks of pillows and mattress covers.

What in the world?

How do you decide as you dig through the kitchen rugs that you didn’t want those PJ pants and just clip them on the edge of the plastic bin and move on?

I was also highly disappointed that public figures decided to spend Thanksgiving Day exchanging barbs on social media and all of this was delightfully over-reported by various news programs in between football games…sigh…take a day off people and just eat some turkey and hang out with your family. 


It would do you a world of good.

And would do the world a world of good. 

So hopefully you, dear people, are staying out of the fray and using this blustery day to enjoy a bonus week before we begin the season of Advent. 


I hope you are keeping warm and are reentering your work and daily chores settings with some measure of refreshing. 

Russ treated me to seeing A Christmas Carol in Chicago on Saturday and it was so sweet. 

I have some thoughts to share about it that I am mulling over…and I carried all things Fall down to the basement last night…so it’s beginning to look a little more like Christmas here at the Reimers…and I am excited to be working on our Advent series even as I sip hot tea and delete sales promotion emails.

Be blessed today and I will see you tomorrow <3

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