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Tuesday greetings!

I have as many thoughts swirling around as the snowflakes outside our windows. 

I wanted to take a movie and send it to the kids because it literally looked like our house was inside a snow globe and I consider that one of the most fun kinds of snow…but alas…my phone didn’t capture the effect so instead I decided to learn how to make a poached egg. 

Don’t ask.

This is the kind of mind we are dealing with here, people. 

And I am in full on scattered thinking mode as I pulled out all the green tubs and started putting up Christmas late yesterday afternoon. 

So far we have a miniature forest of small lighted trees taking up residence in the corner of the dining room and the first nativity and advent wreath stationed on the fireplace. But stay tuned…none of this is sealed in stone until I have pondered the dickens out of how much is too much and figure out where to begin and how to end the process.

And speaking of Dickens…tee hee….tell me you didn’t see that coming…

I told you Russ took me to see A Christmas Carol on Saturday and I may have mentioned it is such a favorite of mine. I was literally choking back sobs at some parts of it and it isn’t the parts you might think for one as sentimental as me might get weepy over. 

Oh sure…Tiny Tim is so sweet and the joy of the Cratchit family that supersedes their lack and poverty is touching…but it is Ebenezer himself who makes my throat tighten and tears like a fountain can’t be held back. 

It’s the complicated suggestion of various rejections and wrong choices made at strategic cross roads that constrict my heart into some strong emotions. 

It’s the disappointments and roadblocks to happiness that worked in cooperation with a natural bent toward a need to find security in something that wouldn’t let him down and then the unfolding of the hypocrisy of his idol as he becomes the spectator of his own life. 

It’s the way he can’t help but engage in the fun he has missed out on. 

It’s the way he is offered redemption and he takes it. 

Because I see Christ in everything, I see the Christ of Christmas in this story. 

I see the Spirit of Christmas as the Holy Spirit and I see the keeping of Christmas always as the keeping of Christ and His teachings in how we treat others throughout the year. 

This may or may not be what Dickens had in mind, but it is what I see every year in the story. 

I see how an encounter with the Christ of Christmas helps us see our past….our present…and our future…with truth and healing and hope. 

I see how an encounter with the Christ of Christmas and the Christ of eternity changes our perspective and our hearts…how Christ transforms us and renews us and brings us true Joy. 

Like Matthew the tax collector…Scrooge gives back and then some…he forgives debts and his actions reflect a changed heart. 


our John sent us this picture last night and asked us to share on social media so please indulge this mom as I encourage you to give generously on this #givingtuesday to any and all of the causes that the Lord would prompt you to support. 

John works for an agency in Texas that supports foster care, adoptions and also provides care for the children affected by immigration issues. 

So if you are inclined to donate to his organization….

Link is here….  https://www.upbring.org/giving-tuesday-2018/

However, there are many worthwhile places to drop some cash today so prayerfully consider where God might be leading you to give <3 

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