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Reality check <3

Last night I read through a rather lengthy email from a missionary family detailing their hasty exit from the area where they had been serving when Covid first reared its ugly head and the world came to a screeching halt. 

I sat there at our kitchen counter in the comfort of our home, finishing a nice dinner of turkey, wild rice and veggies. The air conditioner had done a fine job keeping our home cool as the Midwest experienced temperatures in the low 80’s yesterday and we had to switch from heat to cool so we wouldn’t roast inside our four walls. 

Due to some family needs, the missionaries said goodbye knowing they would not be returning. Their email shared pictures and stories of the friends they left behind. Some of them had relied on this couple for income and support. They tried to set in place for them other means to make a living, but the odds stacked against their friends in a country on the other side of this globe is hard under the best of circumstances. 

One of the men who this missionary father called his best friend is a single dad because of tribal issues that took his wife away from their home. It would seem hatred of people who are from different groups runs deep amongst all of us on planet earth.

One photograph showed him teaching Bible to a crowd of little faces gathered on a dirt floor and leaning against one another as they were obviously engaged in what he had to say. His face was alive and full of passion.

I felt pretty small and petty sitting there bemoaning what I have “lost” during this pandemic. I thought of all the people around the world who have nothing and yet have everything because they have Jesus. 

I thought of how glibly we say we love Jesus and….fill in the blank of the t-shirt from any number of shops online. 

And I thought how poor we really are when we have room for anything else beyond Him. 

Surely you know of a family or two today who have left all that was familiar behind to go and share the Gospel. Take a minute and thank God for them. Think on what this pandemic has done to their ministry and to the people they were called to serve and say a prayer. 

Say a prayer for them and then say a prayer for what we can do to not only support them but set aside our addiction to our comfort and our rights and really be filled with love for Jesus that cannot be shut down or shut up no matter what comes our way <3

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Hello October <3


Can you believe it? 

What a wild ride this year has been and we have the memes and the scars to prove it. 

Yesterday we got our flu shots and as they were sticking the needle in my arm I hoped and prayed they got it right in the labs this year. I have to confess I questioned how willingly I allow doctors to just inject stuff into me anymore. 

There is so much out of our control. It has always been this way, but 2020 has ramped it up to a level I don’t think any of us could have imagined. 

This morning I was reading in Mark and the familiar passages of Jesus’ teaching parables and casting out demons and falling asleep in a boat that was in danger of capsizing. My pen was busy marking up the margins and I paused often to just let His power and compassion sink deep into my weary soul. 

The one story that gets me every time is the demon possessed man of the region of Gadarenes. 

Not just one demon, but a whole legion had filled this man and brought him to a place where the townspeople tried to chain him but he couldn’t be restrained. 

Naked and out of his mind, I picture his wild eyes and filth.

I can imagine the former fisherman rowing the boat up to shore. After surviving a near death experience the night before they are greeted by this mess of humanity. 

I’m sure they had to be quaking in their sandals as they edged back towards what could be their escape vehicle. They had to be thinking…oh heck no…He is NOT going to talk to this guy is He?? 

But talk He did.

Not to the mad man, but to the ones who held him captive.

And then they watched as this demonic force of many was commanded to leave, and shockingly Jesus let them pick their next location to inhabit. 

The disciples had to have stood slack jawed while a herd of pigs went rushing to their death over the side of a hill. 

And all of that is quite a story, but this is the part that gets me. 

This man who had been so foul, so out of control, so full of evil was in a moment back in his right mind. Dressed and clean, the townspeople found him sitting with Jesus as civil as you please. 

Two things amaze me in this. Besides the whole exorcism, pig suicide scene and general intensity of Mark’s narrative. 

The first is the response of the town people.

Basically they were confronted with the most amazing power of transformation from evil to good and they begged the one who could do it to leave. 

The second is Jesus’ response to His newest follower.

This man who had been an outcast and a terror to his community was suddenly full of the goodness of God and the love of his Lord and Savior who had delivered him from bondage to powers that wanted to destroy him and destroy through him. He is now a devoted follower of the Son of God and he wants to go with Him and learn from Him and Jesus tells him no. 

He tells him to stay right there in that place that is afraid of the power that saves and delivers and share his story. 

He doesn’t worry or fear for His new follower to go back to old ways. He isn’t concerned that the demons are going to have another go at him. He places faith in this man’s faith and He says…stay. 

Apparently this man’s testimony and the indwelling of the Spirit will be enough to empower him to live out his ministry right there where his conversion happened. 


Much to ponder on that one. Some are called to go and some are called to stay. Oh for ears to hear <3 

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Mid week and end of the month…can we take the day off?

Well here we are at the end of the month. That went quickly. 

I am getting all kinds of newsletters from various writers that I follow and it is stirring in me to let you know I have spent September working on a little project that I hope we can get launched in October. 

My little 2020 thing suffered again – but let me tell you…I did have some goals and I met them as discussed below. Also I am determined to set one for October and come back with a strong finish in 31 days!
Kaloupek Counseling LLC

With the help of a technology expert, I have put together a pdf writing to share with you based on the Deep Healing series I did a couple of years ago. When that is formatted and ready to offer, I will be switching to a new email system that will allow me to send out a monthly newsletter. 

Maybe that is more information than you stopped by to hear, but every year I have tried to add something new to the Journey and this will be the 2020 addition. Prayers appreciated for the completion of this little project and would love to hear if you would prefer getting a weekly email rather than the daily drop???? You can leave a comment and I won’t publish. Would just be helpful to know the consensus. 

Okay…business meeting over. 

You all know I am not a political animal and this is not a place where I want to have dialogue amongst you all. But I have to address that the debate last night left me broken hearted for our nation. Several comments that were actually audible left me raw with sorrow for the options we have. 

As for the rude interruptions of both men, I am deeply saddened that decorum has left the building. I can tell you that if they had been passengers in the van I was driving, we would have pulled over and they would have been deposited on the side of the road to walk the rest of the way home. And I am not even sure I would have driven slowly along with them to make sure they made it safely back. 

I hope and pray we, as Christians, will not model this kind of behavior in our conversations today. No matter where we stand in this, please use Christ like behavior in the way you talk and listen. And above all, pray. This is a sign of the condition of our country and it is heart wrenching. 

Blessings on you all today. 

You are deeply loved and thank God…our journey here is short and trouble filled, but this is not our home <3

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