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Bonus week…when Thanksgiving comes early <3

I am having a slow start to Monday and it isn’t even because of all the cyber sales that are being offered, which excuse me….

but …

I have been getting Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails since like the Labor Day sales emails ended and I do believe I could be a millionaire twice over for the all the money they are offering to save us. 

I think like all things American, we may have run this Door Buster train into the ground. 

Russ and I wandered over the mall late in the afternoon yesterday just to get a change of scenery and start the old Christmas shopping adventure in motion and most of the stores looked like something dreadful had occurred and everyone left in a panic. 

I was walking through the bedding department of Kohl’s and in every aisle people had left clothes on hangars dangling from the racks of pillows and mattress covers.

What in the world?

How do you decide as you dig through the kitchen rugs that you didn’t want those PJ pants and just clip them on the edge of the plastic bin and move on?

I was also highly disappointed that public figures decided to spend Thanksgiving Day exchanging barbs on social media and all of this was delightfully over-reported by various news programs in between football games…sigh…take a day off people and just eat some turkey and hang out with your family. 


It would do you a world of good.

And would do the world a world of good. 

So hopefully you, dear people, are staying out of the fray and using this blustery day to enjoy a bonus week before we begin the season of Advent. 


I hope you are keeping warm and are reentering your work and daily chores settings with some measure of refreshing. 

Russ treated me to seeing A Christmas Carol in Chicago on Saturday and it was so sweet. 

I have some thoughts to share about it that I am mulling over…and I carried all things Fall down to the basement last night…so it’s beginning to look a little more like Christmas here at the Reimers…and I am excited to be working on our Advent series even as I sip hot tea and delete sales promotion emails.

Be blessed today and I will see you tomorrow <3

Thanksgiving Eve <3

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you!

Full disclosure, I am writing this to you on the eve of Thanksgiving Eve…not because I am hyper organized but because I had some thoughts to share so hitting up the keyboard while they are in my head.

It has been quite a day as I ran to three different grocery stores, along with roughly 87% of the local population, to gather supplies for what will surely be way too much food for the guests around our table.

I also managed to encounter a Facebook nightmare this morning and attempted to share my post multiple times but it wouldn’t go through. 

Imagine my delight this evening when I noticed it had been shared a grand total of 7 times…most by me. 

Looks like we will be having humble pie along with the pumpkin this year…sigh…

I decided to make a short list of things I am thankful for and so here they are in no particular order and certainly not inclusive of the many things that I could list:

#1 I am thankful for the grace of God to love me before I loved Him and to save me through His Son. We have a friend who never prays a prayer over a meal that he doesn’t end with that reminder of gratitude. 

People may think we Christians are holier than thou and self-righteous and hypocritical and all the other stuff we get labeled with, but …and this leads me to..

#2 I am thankful for the group of people God has surrounded me with who are believers who know it is only by the Blood of Jesus that we are saved.

I am thankful that the people I do life with understand what we are still capable of but by His grace, and that we didn’t receive Him so we could waltz up to the Cross and be whatever we have made up our minds to be. 

I am thankful for a community of believers who weep over their own sin and over the sins of others and over the sins of this nation and the world.

#3 I am thankful for the guy who was pulling into the chiropractor’s office yesterday morning who was paying attention instead of checking his phone and braked in time for the lady who was carefully watching the car next to her as she backed out and totally missed him in her rear view mirror…


that would be me…

#4 I am thankful for a call back on a test this month that showed nothing amiss and for the people God placed in my path along the way who encouraged me and prayed for me. Most of all Russ, who had faith where I lacked. 

#5 I am thankful for the way women who have had call backs that didn’t go that way expressed tears of relief that I would not walk the journey they had walked.

And I will tell you that goes back to #2…


#6 I am thankful that I live and move and deal on a daily basis with people who love with a love that can only come from the Spirit of God planted deep inside them. 

A love that dies to self all the time so that Christ can live in them.

So there’s my thankfulness list today. 

Oh, there are more…many more…but that will do .

What are you thankful for today? 

I would love to know.

I hope and pray whatever your Thanksgiving looks like tomorrow that God will plant seeds of gratitude and hope and joy in your deepest places. 

You are loved <3

A Giveaway!!! Whhhhhaaaattttttttttt?????????

Good morning! 

I managed to dodge all the cold germs from those cute little runny noses…but in spite of diffusing On Guard like it was my oxygen…alas, I have succumbed to the congestion and discomfort of a cold. 


I will say the symptoms are bearable and I will push through.

Because we have some family celebrating to do in honor of Thanksgiving, you know…

I do have some fun news to share with you. I was invited to team up with three friends, one local and two from Texas, who attended the Declare Conference with me in October. 

We have been having way too much fun on a video chat site called Marco Polo and then my friend Melanie came up with the idea that we sponsor a Giveaway from our four websites and social media in honor of Thanksgiving. 


It’s a three fold purpose, this Giveaway…

First and foremost, it is our opportunity to thank YOU who follow our ministries for being the supportive and loving tribe who shows up and encourages us to keep doing what God has called us to do. 

Second, it’s way for each of you to check out the ways God has led us to live with purpose our redeemed lives. 

Third, and to be honest, if you benefit from the work we do, we would love it if you would help more people find us on the internet <3

If you are here, you know what I do…write about life on the Journey as God works me through the process of sanctification…all in the hopes that stopping here is like meeting a friend for a cup of coffee or tea and then heading on out to do your thing each day.

Lisa Wagner has a ministry called The Warrior She. Through podcasts, teachings and Bible study guides, Lisa is all about equipping women to realize the warrior within them who is prepared for battle each and every day.

Shelly Templin is our other Texan. A published author and speaker, Shelly has a website where she shares how faith is played out in real life and she does it straight forward and with great humor. 

Then there is our fearless leader who has boundless energy and an effervescence that lights up every room she enters. Melanie Brown has a health and wellness ministry that is about the WHOLE person….physical, mental, spiritual. And she is the mastermind behind the graphics and such for the Giveaway. 

So…here are the details to enter. The more you engage, the more times your name goes in the hat <3

  1. If you already subscribe to my blog, you are automatically entered.
  2. Go visit and then like/follow on social media:


*Email list
*Insta names:
*Facebook links:
3. Share the posts, comment about what you are thankful for, sign up for the email list
4. Tag a friend who needs encouragement in the comments

And if NONE of that is your jam…it’s okay. Just know how very thankful I am for the known and unknown faces on the other side of this screen today and every day <3

This and that to start the week…

Good news, bad news…

First the good news…Thanksgiving falls early in the month of November which will give us a little extra time for celebrating Christmas.

Now the bad news…Thanksgiving falls early in the month of November. 


I somehow set my week back instead of just my clock when we had Daylight Saving’s time and now…it dawned on me late Friday afternoon that we were launching into Thanksgiving come Monday morning. 


Cue panic mode. 

I was about to hyperventilate until I remembered Joel requested pancakes for Thanksgiving dinner so at least I don’t have to worry about trying to thaw a turkey between now and Thursday….because for sure I am not disappointing that little guy.

But it does mean I have entered the ticking clock of taking down all things fall and putting up all things merry in the coming week….so the inevitable migration of green tubs from the storage closet to the hallway of the basement is upon me. 

I know this will be a busy week for me and for you, but I have a little surprise in the works so make sure you come back tomorrow…and I believe God has given me an answer to my prayer of how this little spot on the internet might be a sweet place of rest for you this holiday season, so you may  just want to subscribe to the email list so you don’t miss a post for our 25 day countdown 2018 <3

See you tomorrow friend…be blessed and I hope your Monday is productive <3

It’s about time <3

Good morning to you

I am looking out on a dusting of snow and gathering my thoughts to get pulled together for work and thinking of how brief our time of fall leaves and crisp weather seemed this year. 

You all know I pray and ask God what I should share and then I start typing. Some day I hope to be a real grown up and actually have a plan, but for now…this is what you get. 

Seriously, I have typed four different emails and deleted every one. 

So I am writing a simple thought that is on my heart because that’s what I feel like someone may need today. 

I am behind on so many things right now – emails (968 and counting), text threads, pictures saved to phone, paperwork and notebooks full of ideas to write with no time to write, projects in stacks to finish and start and even though I am determined to not over do, over spend or over think the holidays…I will. 

My mind is running at a record high of thoughts per minute and the hyper organized side of my brain is longing for large pieces of white paper where I can map things out and set priorities and then have time to execute all my great plans. 

But, story of my life, having “enough” time eludes me yet again as we hurtle into a weekend that is rapidly filling up with places we know we are meant to be to show love to the people God has gifted us with on the journey. 

So I am digging back through my journal to the day I read in John 7 about time. 

Ironically, it was the morning of October 31st <3

In reading this chapter I counted … seven…yes…SEVEN….references to time:

Jesus was responding to the taunting of his brothers, who at that point in HIs ministry, did not believe. 

They were urging Him to prove He was who He said and go do big things in Jerusalem. 

His response was to tell them that those who insist on their own schedule and agenda do so to bring honor to themselves. In contrast, He was working to honor God and so He would only speak and act in accordance with God’s leading and guidance. 

And then throughout the rest of Chapter 7 we see these references to “time”

Verse 6 [Jesus said] “The right time has not yet come…for you, at any time is right.”

Verse 8 “for me the right time has not yet come”

Verse 14: Not until halfway through [the feast]…

Verse 30: because His time had not yet come

Verse 33: I am with you only a short time

Verse 37: On the last and greatest day [of the feast]

Verse 39: Up to that time

As I read and reflected on those passages, I thought how often I feel pressured to do, to act, to speak, to respond by some unknown force. In those moments, I can sense the vexation in my soul that I am working out of sync with God’s timing. 

I can contrast that with the times that are God’s timing and how I act, do, speak with a boldness and directness that is soooo not me. 

There is a peace that attends God’s timing. We may feel the rush of decisiveness and surprise ourselves and those who know us with our choice of timing, but if we will lean into God and trust Him to lead us…it will always be the right time for whatever we are led to do. 

And, as always, for those times we are off…there is grace. 

Grace for us…grace for those we think we messed up by our hasty movement or words…grace … abundant grace <3

I pray we all would walk wisely today, seeking His direction for our time here as we…

you know…

journey onward <3