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Miracle of miracles….<3

We have been having some connection issues with our wifi. Go figure…we have only added two more computers and figured out how to use our smart tv in addition to the plethora of electronics drawing on that modem that hums by Russ’s new home office all. day. long. 

So on Saturday I called the local provider who shall remain nameless because I have no desire to give them free advertising. 

After going through the bazillion prompts with the cheeky robotic voice that kept reminding me how he is an automated voice system who can understand voice commands (and yet frequently would respond with a robotic apology and how he didn’t get what I said, could I try saying it another way?), I finally got to speak to a real live person whose name is Sharon and let me tell you…it was a first time ever experience. 

Sharon was amazingly kind and helpful from the get-go…which was so nice since usually the customer service reps for companies I deal with say, “Yes, Mrs. Reeeeeee-mur, I have your file right here….” 

Oh. That’s not good.

And it’s RYHMer. RHYM-er…long i….

But Sharon, she was a breath of fresh air. 

Her cheerfulness took me off guard from my post-automated-voice-system irritation syndrome and I must have told her twenty times she was the nicest customer service person I had ever talked to. 

To which she would reply it was easy to be nice because …. I was so nice, too….I am thinking of inviting her for coffee when the table areas open again. 

So as I dissect what made her so special in all oft his, and think about how I can learn from her and apply so that others experience that kind of good feeling when they talk to me, it comes down to some characteristics:

  • She had a smile in her voice from the start and in words and tone let me know she was on my side and wanted to work with me to help me get the best service possible. 
  • She never once put the blame for faulty service on me and my ignorance, and she didn’t diss her company…she just kept explaining the practical steps needed to fix the problem and was respectful in her attitude.
  • She knew her stuff. 
  • She went slow when I was not understanding and was efficient in the rest of the process when I was. 
  • She didn’t talk down to me and popped little encouragements in along the way. 
  • She not only fixed the problem, she made my day better in the process. 

We are all getting a little cranky these days. 

The pandemic has taken a toll, whether we have actually been bitten by the bug or not, we are feeling the effects of a whole lot of anxiety producing stress around us. 

So in the midst of it, let’s be Sharon’s. 

Let’s speak with a smile in our voices and an attitude of just coming alongside of others who may need our help. 

If we are not helping, maybe we aren’t the ones called to fix the problem, so we can just be kind and offer encouragement while others wait for the real help they need. 

Just some thoughts. 

And I have witnesses that I didn’t go off on a Customer Service rep so I am not making this up. 

It’s in my file. 

Ask Sharon. 

Be blessed and I hope you run into lots of Sharon’s and very few automated voice assistants today <3

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Monday Funday….not really, but I am working on my attitude….<3

Hey all!

So it’s Monday and some of our life is going back a little closer to normal and some is remaining in the new normal and some is just plain abnormal…as in the mask I have to put on when I go into a building that is not our home.

And let me just say that I want to give a huge thank you to all the medical people in my life who have cared for me whilst wearing one of these things because they are horrid…seriously the most awkward things ever.

So thank you surgeons and anesthetists and nurses and dentists who have donned them without complaining and taken care of us for years.

We had no idea.

In other news, I have found someone through the wonderful Declare community who is helping me with my website woes…and she is working her magic behind the scenes as we speak.

So if you subscribe to my email list, that is getting an overhaul…and if you don’t mind checking your email spam in a week or so if you aren’t hearing from me, that would be awesome.

She is also adding cool things like social media links at the bottom and helping me come up with better ways to meet and greet you and I am kind of nervous and excited…like to the point that when I was talking to her today I spaced out on my email password and had a total freak out breakdown trying to remember it.

But I’m ok now and back to just being excited.

So bear with me and be patient if anything unusually goofy happens to the site…and that doesn’t include me and what I might post because you can’t work all the kinks out of me.

Believe me…my family has tried.

Be blessed today…I promise tomorrow will be interesting so come back.

And the nice part is, you and I can get as close to our computers as we want and it’s a no-mask-zone…so win. win.

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Happy May Day <3

Happy May Day!

While I do love the big holidays, there is a charm to some of the simpler ones and May Day would be one of those. 

As a child, my mom would hand me a stack of construction paper and a handful of pipe cleaners. With scotch tape flowing from the ceramic yellow dispenser on her desk that now sits on my desk, I would fashion cones and then fill them with any flowers our yard had to offer on the morning of May 1. 

Dandelions and violets were typically the fleur de jour…and then it was delivery time. 

Running up to a porch, hanging it on the door handle or laying it on the steps, ring the bell and run. 

In this complicated world of May 1, 2020, my heart is filled with some aching nostalgia for simpler childhoods for all children. 

And for us. 

So in your heart today, imagine that I just rang your bell and dropped off some hand crafted, slightly messy love. 

If I have learned anything during this season, besides how to make a mask out of a bandana and two rubber bands, it is that my life has been richly blessed to know and love and be known and loved by so many wonderful people. 

You are my richest treasure here on earth. 

Be blessed. 

Remember you are loved <3

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