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Just an observation from the wilderness…

Just a quick check in with you today. 

I am currently reading in Exodus in the 30 plus section of chapters and once again this is something that just amazes me. 

Sometimes I limit the amount of information Moses carried with him down from Mt. Sinai to the Ten Commandments. But there was much…more. 

Since I am using The Message for this year’s read through, the language is a bit simpler and yet still, all the details for the building of the Tabernacle are incredible. 

When I was little, I can remember sitting at my Grandma’s house listening to my Aunt Lizzie talk. She spared no details in describing homes she had visited or places they had traveled. As she verbally walked us through someone’s interior rooms or down a street in London, my head would spin as she recalled every detail of it. 

I could not have repeated it back to her nor could I have mapped it out on paper or recognized it if I saw it based on her descriptions.

I must not be a spacial or abstract thinker. 

Thankfully when God gives me pictures they are quite simple and direct and clear. 

If you explain to me how to do something or how to get somewhere, we may as well stop after the first line of the instruction because between, “Okay, go down to the next block and take a left…” and “Then you just make a right into the parking lot and you can’t miss it.” my mind has begun to spin like a plastic tab dropped in the garbage disposal. 

I simply cannot retain a litany of instruction all at one time. I have to see them written down and then YouTubed for good measure. I have to turn things in the direction of where they are headed so my brain can follow the steps. 

Moses didn’t have a notepad or an iPad or nothing to take down all these instructions. He came down the mountain toting two stone tablets and, at the ripe age of around 90 plus, a head full of dimensions, fabric and embellishments, wardrobe for the priests, layout of the worship areas…all of it. 

I look at our world and how we seem to have “evolved” into such a high level of intelligence and I think we might want to give that assessment another once over. 

As Moses laid out all the plans God had given him, the Holy Spirit fell on various craftsmen and they spun out elaborate curtains, fashioned gold plating and jeweled ephods, cut gems, engineered a tent that could be taken down and reassembled for a forty year journey, crafted incense and oils…and all of it in the middle of a desert. 


I don’t think our Ikea tables and Pinterest DIY’s are that awesome in comparison. 

God is amazing. 

Read the Book. 

Marvel at who He is and how He equips ordinary people in uncomfortable seasons of change to do extraordinary things. 

I fear we settle for far less than what He has for us <3

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Wednesday check in

Today is a big day in our nation and I join the prayers of many who are praying for a peaceful transition. We, as Christians are called to support our leaders – all of our leaders – with our prayers and to live peacefully and to work towards the prosperity of the place where we have been set to live. 

It’s a big day for me as I will be having that little procedure on my knee and while I often complain that if I just knew what was going to be happening to me on a given day I would feel so much better, it turns out that knowing what is most likely going to happen sometimes is still a little scary. 

Sometimes the known is still fraught with unknowns and so as I write this tonight before heading to bed, I am thankful for the prayers of many and the peace that carries me. 

There are so many who are facing health treatments, surgeries, chemo…along with financial strains, school tensions, anxiety and depression to name a few. While the events that are happening tomorrow in Washington D.C. are historical and bathed in some seriously conflicting and polar reactions, the stuff of every day life under your roof and mine is no less of interest to our God. My heart is filled with your names and faces as we lift you continually throughout each day.

So may the same God that watches over the affairs of the White House, watch over your house, my house and the houses of people all over the world. May He be honored and glorified across this earth that He made and loved enough to send His Son to save. May He refine us and draw us all to Him today and every day. 

His mercies are new every morning. They never run out. He is faithful. 

Be blessed and rejoice in the God of Hope for He has poured His love into us <3

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The joy and agony of Puzzle Season <3

What is your method of operation when it comes to working a puzzle? 

And how adaptive are you to working cooperatively with others who differ in their approach? 

For me, no surprise to many who know me and love me in spite of me, I am slightly rigid and narrow minded in how we go about it. When the 500 to 1,000 give or take a few pieces are released from the plastic bag, they must be carefully sorted from one half of the box to the other. 

Tedious time is taken extracting any edge pieces and the corner sections are set aside in their own holding pen. Through this meticulous process, I invariable miss several of them and there is a certain angst that sets in as we have holes in the frame. During this time I typically struggle with two over-riding thoughts. 

One is berating myself for not finding all of the straight edge pieces on the first go, and second is a gnawing doubt that all the little jigs made it into the box at the factory. 

Throughout the remaining days of putting the picture together, this doubt will resurface continually, growing in intensity as we near the last few little sections that need completion. It never looks like there are enough to fill the gaps and I will say repeatedly that I think we are missing pieces. 

I am very fun to work on puzzles with. 

Meanwhile, my better half is just fine with starting to put some of the obvious inner pieces together as he works steadily and quietly at my side.He neither placates my angst nor argues with it. He just works for a while and then moves on, returning later to say I have made progress and join in again. 

Most of life is a puzzle, you know. 

We work to frame it and then figure out how the pieces fall into place. We work on areas where we seem to be making progress and then lose interest when it gets challenging. We are convinced at times that some pieces that are needed for completion have been lost or were never there to begin with. 

We secretly blame some outside source for it…someone hid one so he or she can put the last piece in…someone knocked one off the table and the vacuum ate it. We get frustrated and walk away but then the desire to restore completion to the picture brings us back. 

It stirs something in us that reminds us that we like things to have a logical and organized way of fitting together. Solving a puzzle on a table top reminds us that we want to take what is confusing and restore order to it so that it makes sense. 

Some of us do this calmly and without a great deal of emotional involvement and some of us don’t. For Russ and me we have a good balance.

If it was just him, I am not sure the puzzle would have gotten purchased, emptied out of the box or finished. If it was just me, it would remain on the table unfinished as I stewed about who took the missing pieces, and why can I not find that one that has just a tip of white and the remainder red with that obviously funny crook in the little knobby end. 

We need each other to work together, each in our own unique wirings and perspectives to figure out the puzzles of life. We also need God who has an eternal perspective, knows where the missing pieces are and is at work in us as we work it out together with Him. 

My way of putting a puzzle together is not the only way or the right way. It’s just my way. Working with someone who solves puzzles differently helps me grow in relationship with that one and realize the joy is not solving the puzzle but doing it with someone else. 

As I seem to default to despair that we will every finish, Russ’s calm demeanor and encouraging words keep me on track. I am not sure what I do for him, but we will assume I encourage him in some way as well. Two are definitely better than one. 

That is all an oversimplification, but puzzles are designed to be confusing. They have to be solved and the benefit to them is in the solving. It is tempting to just walk away from things that we can’t figure out easily. It is tempting to try to work them out on our own with our own methods. We are built for relationship and working through the puzzles of life with others helps us grow in character and Christ-likeness. 

What is puzzling you right now? At work, at home, at church, in the world? Prayerfully seek out wise and discerning people to help you put the pieces in place. And always remember God knows the solution, so include Him in the process <3

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