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Cause most days I be like…..


Trapped by time…

Too little of it…going by too fast…wasted…misused…time.

Oh I know.

We all have the same 24 hours each and every day.

And don’t worry – I do get my rest.

It’s the rest of it I don’t get.

Because there are always forces working against me…like today was supposed to be my catch up day….only last night when I got home at 8 pm, I found this on the door….


Now most people can probably navigate the prospect of having no water from 9 am to 1 pm when given 13 hours notice.

But those people also probably don’t begin a simple quick cleaning of their house by simultaneously deciding to vacuum underneath the dresser, try on clothes for an upcoming event and pack up some more of the kitchen cabinets while also trying to find that dad-gum knitting pattern I was going to start working on….which is what people like me do.

People like ME also do things like this…


and debate if they should start a load of laundry before the water is shut off, which leads us to google times for cycle lengths and then wander over to Facebook…anybody???

So after meandering from one miscellaneous project to another and icing my back in between because I was giving myself a tension headache from checking faucets to see if we still had water and we did…I finally called the number on the notice at 10:45 am…

And lo and behold…I was informed that the little red tag on our door was a mistake and our water will be not be turned off at all today…

Which brings me to the point of this…I don’t have one.

But I would imagine you are all feeling one of two things…you can totally relate and are glad you aren’t the only one …. or you feel a whole lot better about your own life right now and thinking you have it waaaaaay more together than  you thought you did!

So win – win…give yourself a pat on the back and have a blessed weekend <3IMG_7207

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