Checking in after being checked out for a few days <3


Well, well, well…it seems we are not finished with winter here in God’s country and a fresh blanket of snow has welcomed us home from a few days away courtesy of Russ having a work trip and me getting to tag along.

It was warm and we saw sun and the kind of deeper blue skies that just might tempt folks away from this part of the world, but our hearts belong here and we are so glad to be back. 

It was a late arrival home and since it is Wednesday, I will just leave some randoms and then start catching up on laundry and mail and figuring what we need in the fridge again. 


So here we go:

<3  It is Ash Wednesday today. The beginning of the season of Lent. And true confession, I usually do a series and have several that have been bobbing on the horizon but have not landed on one. Yet.

All that to say, we may get a delayed start and it may be sporadic, but we will be remembering it is Lent here on the Journey so stay tuned. 

<3  Our birds missed us. I know because the feeder was not empty but as soon as I topped it off this morning, they have been on full feed and I love it. 


<3  The place where we were staying had free WiFi, however free does not mean accessible. It was so spotty I gave up, hence no posts on Monday or Tuesday. But it also meant I spent my free time reading and I finished another book. 

This one was entitled We Remember C. S. Lewis Essays & Memoirs by David Graham. I think I purchased this one, but if it was a gift just wave your hand and I will acknowledge with a thank you. 

It is a collection of essays written by people who worked with, met or were students of C. S. Lewis and I almost quit early on because the people who wrote the various articles are way more intelligent than I am and it was not light reading. 

I didn’t think I was really getting a lot out of it and while I have started several of his books and have always wanted to say I read them, I never have actually completed any of them.

It seemed I was on a dead end trail, but then I recognized the familiar pattern from my school days of wanting to sound retreat when learning became a bit more challenging so I decided it might do the old girl good to read something with a little more depth than an Instagram post and I hung in there and it was a stretch but I loved it! 

I learned that he was an Anglican and a genius scholar who also became a born again Christian and faced persecution of the academic nature at Oxford and the Cambridge. 

I learned a lot about those systems and the times of education in that country and got some glimpses into a world and time and culture different from my own. 

I also learned that he was one who contended for the faith in the calling God placed on him to be a writer and lecturer and he had an odd life but he loved Jesus so he is my brother. 

And I now am defiantly planning on starting those books of his I own and finishing them this time. 

Okay. That’s it for today. 

Time to do laundry and ponder this whole Lent series and figure out what we are doing so I can check in with you tomorrow <3 

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