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He is Risen!!!



Early in the morning…..

they went to finish the burial….

but Jesus did what Jesus always does….

He interrupted their plans….

With God’s plan……



And a funeral became a reunion. What was taken away was given back.

Life for death


He is Risen!

The Final Stretch

Words seem trite to voice thoughts and reflections on what this day was in the life our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To capture it in thought, to evoke in you inspiration, this is something we each need to seek in humility and quietness of heart.

Pour over the accounts of the last few days of the life of Jesus Christ on earth. Read and read and then read again the accounts of His last moments with His disciples. In the garden. Arrested. Beaten. Tried unfairly.

Bearing the cross that should have been yours and mine.

Close your eyes and meditate on the passages.

Find something you never noticed before.

Read of the disciples. Scattered. Just like He said they would.

And then, wake up early on Easter morning. Read the stories of the women going to the tomb, the race between Peter and John to get there. Fill in between the lines with the wonder and awe of these real live, normal, just like you and me people on Easter morning.

Weep, rejoice, live….LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior <3

Generous living

At our small group Sunday night, our leader was covering a chapter in David Jeremiah’s study Signs of Life. One of the things he talked about was giving. We, as Christians, are to be GENEROUS in our giving.

I have been mulling that over and I thought of one practical way we can be generous.

At a restaurant, we typically order water with our meal because that’s what we drink with our meals at home. When the bill comes, the expected amount of the tip for our server is 15 – 18% of the total bill as is.

A fair amount would be to add the cost of drinks, had we ordered them and then give the server 15 – 18% of that.

A generous amount is to figure the cost of drinks, calculate 20% and round up.

I have been a server. Only back then we were called waitresses. I can tell you it is hard work and there a lot of people who are not generous or even fair. I can remember well the nights when someone left me a generous tip. I remember that I thought they must be very fine people indeed.

I think if we are going to bow our heads before we eat, it behooves us to be generous people.

I am sure there are other areas where we can be generous. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Bless you as you celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then Easter Sunday.

I pray you will take time to reflect and remember each day how God expressed His love for us by sacrificing His Son for our eternal life.


Take up your cross

Then He said to them all….

To all who were following Him as disciples….

“If anyone….                      anyone….anyone….you, me, any one person….

desires to….                       wants to so much they can’t think of anything else but…..

come after Me …..           to follow, to imitate, to learn from, to worship, to obey, to receive,                                                            to believe, to serve, to model

let him …….                         let that person – let her – let him – let me – let you

deny himself……..           put himself, herself, myself, yourself — what I want, what I need,                                                           what brings me comfort and security, what feels good and makes                                                         me feel good…. these things are to be put aside.

take up his cross……       whatever that means, whatever suffering, whatever                                                                                      obedience, whatever sacrifice of love I am called to give

daily………                            every day, every day, every day, every day. 24 hours a day. Every                                                              moment, every breath….

and follow Me…..              wherever, however, whatever…..

Luke 9:23


Holy Week

There is something about the practice of Holy Week that is ingrained in me from childhood.

On Sunday, in class, we talked about things we remember from our childhood celebrations of Easter and one of mine was Palm Sunday. I remember getting so excited to be given a palm branch at church.

I am not even embarrassed by how pathetic that sounds. I loved it.

I confess that every year, I hope our church hasn’t grown so large that we will forego the handing out of the palm branches to small children.

I was not disappointed. When I came down the stairs after class, I resembled a salmon swimming upstream as I merged into the flow of children leaving the nursery area and heading to the sanctuary. The palm branches were a-waving all around me.

Third service was packed. And as the praise team led us in a Hosanna-ish song, down the aisle poured child after child. Oh yes, some were bonking the kid in front of them on the head. There were fancy dresses and pastel vests and even colorful banners as they filled the already full sanctuary.

And then as if God hadn’t done enough, there must have been some extra palm branches, because I saw in some of the rows ahead of us that adults were starting to wave them.

Apparently there were only a few because at some point the well ran dry a few pews ahead of us. I didn’t care. I was smiling and crying and loving every palm-frond-waving second of it.

However, in the midst of the next song, a smiling friend who attends our class turned around and joyfully gestured back to me as she passed her palm branch through some people and into my undeserving hands!

Hallelujah and Hosanna!

It is resting on the table when you enter our home. Just like the days some …. well… a number of years ago …  when these feet wore white patent leather shoes and lace ankle socks and waved her palm branch with the best of them.

As we walk through Holy Week, we remember.

We remember our past as children.

We remember our past as sinners.

We remember our “past” that we have been adopted into. Grafted into the family of God’s chosen people. We wave our palm branches and sing Hosanna, He is the God who saved us! Hosanna in the highest!!

Remembering… this is what Holy Week is about.