Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 12



Oh my! It is soooooo coooooold!!! Why does the first cold of winter feel worse than the same temperature in January? I know some of you are saying that 5 below is 5 below, but you are probably the same people that think 101 degrees with humidity is the same as 101 without. It isn’t.

Now that I have you debating weather in your head…. Here is today’s random thought.

My mom taught me how to sew. For this I am so thankful, although it has gotten me into some projects that almost put me in therapy. Back in our days with Storyteller Theater, I unwittingly marked the line next to “sewing” as a skill. I spent a few winters buried in fake fur and sequins, transforming hunks of fabric into an assortment of animal costumes.

The fact that flat pieces of cloth can be attached in ways that become three-dimensional garments, let alone animals, boggles my mind. It is kind of like the way I feel about the Internet and space travel.

But the part of her teaching that I appreciate most of all is the life application my mom instilled as she patiently took me through the steps from cutting the pattern to putting the hem in.

Typical of my nature, I wanted to understand the whole thing from beginning to end. I loved the preparation phase, but as I opened the pages of instructions and looked at the work ahead, I would grow faint of heart. Since I couldn’t even figure out how to refold the directions, it seemed following all of them to completion was hopeless.

And this is where my mom taught me the takeaway for life. Do the first thing. Don’t look ahead to all the steps and try to figure out how it is going to fit together. Just follow the directions one line at a time.

Sometimes I think my mom had the gift of prophecy and didn’t even know it.

How much of the life of obedience to God is just doing the next step?

If God is interested in quick results, He probably would have sent His Son as the Conquering King right off the bat: not a baby. But instead, He has set a process in motion. From before the foundation of the world, He has been working, and continues to work, bringing in the lost and refining the found. He is our pattern.

God bless you as you work through the process of becoming more LIKE Him, in obedience TO Him; one step at a time. <3

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