Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 13



As you can see, I spent part of Day 13 of this countdown with some of my favorite little people. Those Reindeer jammies are being sported by grandson #2….still as cute as they were on his brother two years ago!

I got to spend the night with them again thanks to another and final shift working in Bloomington. Since Thursday was an extended day with them, I googled “cute Christmas cookies” on the internet.

I came up with one that looked do-able with a 2 year old, so after a $23 trip to Schnuck’s…….

we attempted reindeer cookies.

These you will never see featured on Pinterest….


Notice one of the reindeer ended up with a green nose, and one lost his nose to a two year old with an after-nap appetite for sugar.

They didn’t have plain M & M’s so I substituted peanut butter. This would explain the, pardon the expression, ‘deer in the headlights’ look to them.

The whole event was full of excitement as I tried to keep little hands from shoveling candy and cookies in his mouth while making sure he didn’t fall off the chair. I wouldn’t have missed a minute.

Hope you are finding time to do something fun with someone you love!


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