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Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 16

Dear Visa, Don't worry. It was all me.
Dear Visa, Don’t worry. It was all me.

The contents of my trunk when I got home tonight. No peeking in bags or shaking. Seriously, I mean it.

It was a full day and a lot of fun. My shopping buddy had managed to finish most of her shopping before our adventure today, but as tradition would have it, she patiently walked from store to store with me and helped me make the tough decisions. Coffee was mandatory.

If you are weary from commercialism and disgusted by consumerism, I would direct you to a wonderful little devotion book by  David Jeremiah called The Twelve Ways of Christmas, published by Thomas Nelson. He talks about 12 aspects of Christmas. In addressing giving, he reminds us that giving to those we love models both the giving of gifts to the Christ child and the Gift we have received in Him.

His advice includes taking on the Christian attitude of giving “appreciatively”. In his description, our gifts are a tangible way of expressing our gratitude for the recipient and the place of value he or she holds in our life. I pray the gifts in those bags above will do just that for each of our family members.

YOU are of value to me. The Christmas Countdown is a gift of time and heart from me to you. May you be blessed as you receive and give this holiday season <3

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