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A Word to the Wise

Today is going to be a quick one! 

I promise…I may even set my timer so I stay short on words! 

I have been reading a book that belonged to my aunt. Written by Charles Stanley and published in 2002, it is called “Walking Wisely.” 

It is written clearly and simply and yet profoundly. 

A couple of weeks ago I took it with me when I watched the kiddos and I shared a little bit about it. We actually had a good discussion and then yesterday we got to apply it.

Graham had to go somewhere with his mom and shortly after they left, I heard a scuffle going on between Emmet and Joel.

Joel was wearing one of those wrist bands basketball players wear and Emmett told me it was Graham’s and he doesn’t like them to wear them. 

Joel was pretty convincing and confident that it was fine for him to do it. 

I didn’t know who to believe so I just reminded Joel about making wise decisions and suggested he think ahead to when Graham got home and how it would go for him if he was still wearing the wrist band. 

I went to pull Caroline out of whatever life threatening situation she was about to get herself into when I heard Emmett announce that Joel had taken it off. 


It actually worked. 

I was so inspired I applied it to my own decisions as the day progressed. 

Apparently this godly wisdom thing is a real deal. 

Let’s try it more often, shall we?

And in the blink of an eye <3

So yesterday afternoon, my Gdawg stuffed a nerf gun, a birthday present and a ball cap in his back pack…along with a small piece of his Lola’s heart…and hopped on his bike to ride four blocks up the way to a birthday party. 

All by himself.

Four long blocks where you turn corners and are out of sight from the woman who used to rock you til you fell asleep and then wouldn’t put you down because she knew this day would come. 

I went back in and put his little sister to her nap…and I may have held her a little longer than I needed to.

Then I went and put Joely Bear down and I spent some extra time watching his chest rise and fall and those lashes that go on for days rest on his chubby cheeks.

And finally I went down and sat extra close the one who tries so hard to keep up with and outdo, whenever possible, the kiddo who was running around in some yard four blocks away with about ten thousand angels surrounding him…if God answered all my prayers. 

So all you mommies and daddies…grandma’s and grandpa’s….don’t blink.

Don’t miss a minute. 

Soak in the every day’s because…

it is in the ordinary that God pours out His richest treasures <3

Papipalooza recap <3

We celebrated someone’s birthday this weekend with great joy and lots of personality.

With the help of these three…

and the original three R’s…

we gathered in Kansas City and took Papi to the stadium he and his family would visit as children.

The youngest of us helped make his favorite cake before we left…

I decorated it in retro style from his 35th…

because apparently I have always had a flair for cake decorating…

plus the kids wanted to do a reenactment photo and …

which brought me so much joy and laughter…I can’t even capture my heart with a thousand words or pictures or happy tears, though believe me…I have tried.

We got the world’s best BBQ…

and had a fancy dinner in the hotel…

We mixed and mingled….

and napped when we could…

and all in all …. .


Best. (Birth)day. Ever.


Running the numbers just for fun <3

So today I am led to do one of those number things because I think they are fun to read so I hope you agree because that’s what I have for you today.


The number of years since this one and I covenanted to love each other for better or worse, and so far the worst hasn’t really been too bad at all and the better just keeps getting better.


The number of times we stayed up late talking and while I hear of couples doing this, I am totally fine with the fact that we talk in shorter increments of moments. Also, I out talk him by a long shot and even I get tired of hearing me ramble on so it’s all good.


The number of homes we have lived in, starting with our little apartment and ending here in a ranch style that I fought tooth and nail because I love traditional two stories and now thank God every day for the ease of getting to live on one level.


The number of months we dated before we knew we would be miserable until we could be married. 


The number of months we were miserable until we got married.


A great podcast I listened to yesterday that made me cry because she talked about how our spouse should be our “battle buddy” and that’s what this guy has been….for all of us under his love and care.

Even though, lately he seems to have eyes for a younger woman…

Oh well…she is kinda cute <3

When someone who overflows splashes some back on you <3

A quick thought for this Wednesday because there is more rain in the forecast and I hope to get a walk in before work and on top of that…miles to go before I sleep….so right to today’s little musing.

There is a lot of talk and training available these days about finding or being a mentor. 

All good, all necessary…but as I think about mentors in my life, I have to tell you most of them came about organically and unplanned.

 Oh, prayed for…for sure…

but nothing formal was set up. 

One of my mentors probably didn’t even know she was a mentor to me. 

I never sat in a coffee shop or met her for lunch. 

If you added up the hours we spent together they would not come to enough to take up even an entire day.

Yet I have numerous notes jotted in my Bible from things she said to me. 

I have an index card with a powerful spiritual principal diagrammed and dotted with Scripture to support the concept that I keep in my Bible and have referred to as one of the greatest teachings on prayer I ever received. 

I have a photocopied booklet of about ten pages with Scripture written into prayers for various topics included missions and church leaders, the government, my family and assorted other needs that she got from some ministry and told me she had permission to share with anyone. 

I have photocopied that and given it out to so many and they have done the same. 

Do you know how she mentored me? 

I would see her gathering discarded bulletins from the pews as people made their way out of church on Sunday morning and I would stop and say hello. 

“Oh kid!’ she would say with so much joy she almost glowed, “Let me tell you what God did recently.”

Waving the handful of crumpled papers and leaning on the pew in front of her, she would then recount some beautiful thought that came to her as she was studying her Bible that week, or some amazing thing God had done for her or for someone else, or something she saw outside her window or driving that God had used to take her breath away. 

She mentored me by loving Jesus with all her heart, mind, soul and strength. 

By soaking up as much of Him as her time allowed, she overflowed the blessing of being in His Presence on me and on anyone else who happened to be blessed to have a minute of time with her. 

I just saw a quote by Kelly Minter that said we should study our Bibles for the sake of others. 

Yes, we need it for ourselves.


But out of the overflow of the heart spent in the Presence of the Lord, there is a sweet, blessed and lasting ministry of love <3