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Since last we met <3

The parents of this collection of cuties celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary yesterday so we had an overnight on Sunday to give them a little time to eat dinner that didn’t involve fifteen trips to the bathroom and at least one meltdown over having to share a fry with someone.

And as darling as they are right here…I do have to once again give kudos to young parents in the trenches because this…

was what their first response to “Sit down together so I can take a picture of you and send to mommy and daddy” looked like.

So here are the reality pics of the event…just the highlights…

After we made the trek to the park playground, we had to stop by the water tower so everyone could do whatever it is boys feel the need to do with a large white painted tower and yes…the paint does rub off on your hands…thank you Wet Wipes for once again saving us.

We had another one of our fancy patio party dinners.

Imitation Orange Dye is a food group, right?

If so, we are good on our RDA.

Monday morning we hit up Dunkin Donuts, which all three boys proclaimed to be the best Dunkin Donuts Shop in the whole world. So … we have that going for us now.

This is how they entertained themselves when I said surely they could stand still along the wall of the post office while I worked with the guy behind the counter to get a package mailed.

They were so entertaining for the people waiting behind us that the post master handed out suckers to them and to the people in line.

We went to the zoo and scared the living daylights out of the animals with our enthusiasm.

I may have to have knee surgery after crouching down for this picture and everyone thought I said, “Dog pile on Lola!!!”

We grabbed some lunch at the McDonalds over by our old house and I started crying because it was like fifteen minutes ago I sat at this table with their mom, Tia and Uncle John saying basically the same things I said yesterday…but still…best days ever are best days ever even when you need a jumbo diet Coke just to stay awake <3

And finally this classic shot because E. M. M. E. T. T. has met his match.

This one finagled a toy away from him and then followed him around doing this for quite some time.

What you can’t see or hear is her making the cheesiest smile and saying….Emmmmeeeettttttttt… she held the toy tight to her chest.

Oh the irony.

Have a great Tuesday and check back tomorrow <3

A slice of my life lately <3
pc/Rachel <3

Yes, I know.

We could just stop right here and be good for the day.

It’s been a busy weekend and I am headed out the door asap for a much needed redo of the hair upon my head so here’s some randoms and some pictures that I think are sweet, pretty or both…enjoy or go do your own thing and have a blessed day <3

On Saturday we made a trip to St Louis for a fun day of family and going to the Cardinal game. As I snapped this photo out the window on the way to the stadium, our middle daughter may have made a snarky comment about it’s good I finally have a picture of the Arch…ok…it gets me every time and yes…always the tourist wherever I go.

We had a great time at the game…

and got home to catch a few winks and then did Sunday.

Monday morning, we were up bright and early so I could meet up with this one…

and head to Chicago on Amtrak to shop for clothes for her amazing store.

We had a great time and much success and I am thinking of doing a short series on what I have learned in my first full year of doing this little clothing concession in her store (would you be interested????)

But to finish out…I think the walk from Union Station to the Mart is one of the prettiest so please enjoy…

These flower boxes line the way and they are incredible <3

The commuters were particularly tickled with me stopping to snap pictures…insert smile…

and finally…

Gets me every time.

Have a great day!

Come back tomorrow for some thoughts on No Other Gods.

Group hug.

Now get out there and make the most of Tuesday <3

The hardest part about seasons is when they change….<3

 I am writing to you from Atlanta, Georgia this morning…how odd is that?

Back when I was a young girl with all kinds of possibilities swirling around in my head for what I wanted to be when I grew up, I thought being a buyer for a store sounded like an amazing job. Being paid to shop?

Yes, please. 

I also thought being a stewardess sounded ideal because, again…paid to travel?

No brainer.

Or a teacher because my stuffed animals made great students as I stood before my little chalkboard in the basement and handed out assignments.

But my heart’s deepest desire was to be a wife and a mom and to maintain a home and God gave me that, while allowing me to work part time jobs here and there that have given me much fuel to entertain you.

He also allowed me ample shopping for groceries and kiddo’s clothes and such.

 And I have been blessed with so many travel opportunities without having to push a drink cart down a narrow aisle.

Although I still wistfully envy watching them gracefully point out the exit doors, emergency lighting down the center of the plane and demonstrate how to put on your oxygen mask.

All that being said; here I am, a few days away from turning 61, experiencing what it is like for someone to be a buyer for a store.

I have been given the opportunity, this late in the game, to accompany my dear friend and “boss” (she laughs when I call her that) on her annual buying trip to the Americas Mart. 

And let me tell you…

I thank the good Lord He didn’t answer my whim to do this full time for some department store many years ago.

He knows me and… while this has been a wonderful experience and so interesting and fun and yet definitely hard work… I think how much I would have missed as I watch full time buyers making selections for their stores and I think of the pressure this kind of career has brought on them.

God wired them for it, bless them…but this lady right here is thankful for her smaller town and time to ponder and study and the way God let me teach.

Not in front of a chalkboard in a school house though.

God allowed me to fulfill that dream on Sunday mornings in front of a variety of adults at my church for so many years.

And now that season has come to an end, my friends.

Last Sunday I let those who attended know that I will be stepping down from teaching our class as of the end of summer.

Years ago the pastors asked me to come up with a name for the group that showed up to let me facilitate their learning and since we were meeting in a room where the equipment for a renovations project was stored, I said we were the “Under Construction” class. 

I liked it because, while it did describe our classroom full of ladders and paint cans, it also fit my philosophy about this Journey…we are all works in progress…God is continually refining us and making improvements to fit us to look more like His Son. 

This little blog grew out of a weekly letter of encouragement I sent by email to a few people. It grew in number over the years as it would get forwarded and people asked to be added to the list.

Those will continue as will this blog, because I am not finished encouraging those who God might send my way <3

If you attend our class (or ever attended over the years)  and were not there on Sunday, please know how deeply loved you are and how thankful I am for each one of you.

You were more than just someone who sat in a chair for an hour and listened to me ramble…you are an extension of the Body of Christ and an answer to prayer that God could use someone like me and I am so thankful that you are part of my story and allowed me to be part of yours. 

You are my family and my friends, my brothers and sisters. 

Group hug and I will chat with you next week..

because for now…

I have miles to go…


before I return to this room tonight to sleep <3

A Word to the Wise

Today is going to be a quick one! 

I promise…I may even set my timer so I stay short on words! 

I have been reading a book that belonged to my aunt. Written by Charles Stanley and published in 2002, it is called “Walking Wisely.” 

It is written clearly and simply and yet profoundly. 

A couple of weeks ago I took it with me when I watched the kiddos and I shared a little bit about it. We actually had a good discussion and then yesterday we got to apply it.

Graham had to go somewhere with his mom and shortly after they left, I heard a scuffle going on between Emmet and Joel.

Joel was wearing one of those wrist bands basketball players wear and Emmett told me it was Graham’s and he doesn’t like them to wear them. 

Joel was pretty convincing and confident that it was fine for him to do it. 

I didn’t know who to believe so I just reminded Joel about making wise decisions and suggested he think ahead to when Graham got home and how it would go for him if he was still wearing the wrist band. 

I went to pull Caroline out of whatever life threatening situation she was about to get herself into when I heard Emmett announce that Joel had taken it off. 


It actually worked. 

I was so inspired I applied it to my own decisions as the day progressed. 

Apparently this godly wisdom thing is a real deal. 

Let’s try it more often, shall we?

And in the blink of an eye <3

So yesterday afternoon, my Gdawg stuffed a nerf gun, a birthday present and a ball cap in his back pack…along with a small piece of his Lola’s heart…and hopped on his bike to ride four blocks up the way to a birthday party. 

All by himself.

Four long blocks where you turn corners and are out of sight from the woman who used to rock you til you fell asleep and then wouldn’t put you down because she knew this day would come. 

I went back in and put his little sister to her nap…and I may have held her a little longer than I needed to.

Then I went and put Joely Bear down and I spent some extra time watching his chest rise and fall and those lashes that go on for days rest on his chubby cheeks.

And finally I went down and sat extra close the one who tries so hard to keep up with and outdo, whenever possible, the kiddo who was running around in some yard four blocks away with about ten thousand angels surrounding him…if God answered all my prayers. 

So all you mommies and daddies…grandma’s and grandpa’s….don’t blink.

Don’t miss a minute. 

Soak in the every day’s because…

it is in the ordinary that God pours out His richest treasures <3