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Christmas Countdown 2018 Day 22

pc/Cindie Zelhart

In the past week, a couple of friends have texted me pictures with a few of the dates I need.

One was in the airport when she realized her gate was 21. She sent me a photo and when I texted back right away another friend had already covered that, she sent me 22 and 23 just as she was boarding. 

I love it. 

I love it so much that some friends have been thinking about the countdown and noticing numbers and remembering my request…it means that they have been reading and following the passages and it means that God has connected our hearts through His Word throughout this crazy busy holiday countdown…and that is what the Journey is all about to me. 

Yes, I am tapping away here with sloppy tears and a million things I need to accomplish today, but all of it is pointless if we are not linking arms along the way as we follow THE Way. 

It is the heart of Christ that we be united in thinking about Him. He is in the ministry of equipping us to be unified…

and so Jesus continued His prayer for us with these words…

And the glory which You have gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one….

Jesus shares it all with us, you know. 

All of it. 

All the glory the Father gave to the Son, the Son gives to us. 

The one big happy family all of our hearts long to belong to…is found in Christ alone. 

Let’s remember to be filled up with that truth so that when we go out into our earthly family gatherings…or gatherings with friends…

sitting in pews or around a card table…

opening gifts or putting our end of year offering in the plate…

munching on sugar cookies or taking the bread and cup as it is passed…

we belong to the family of God through the finished work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

And because of this, we love others well…because He first loved us.

All the praise and glory and honor are due Him, who gave His all…HIS ALL…for all of us <3

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