Christmas Countdown 2019….Day 1


The First Sunday of Advent and I am filled up already at 7:09 am with anticipation and hope and joy. 

But I leak. 

My devotions this morning encouraged me as I opened two separate Advent books…one I purchased and one a gift from my sister Sonja. 

I also read the first chapter of Luke, and yes…I will go big or go home this December of 2019. 

I will read every single inspired word I can because if I don’t, I will get sucked big into the vortex of emotions that swirl so strongly around me. 

I am prone to wander…in my heart and in my mind. 

Drawn by shiny things and yet always longing for the quiet places of rest and being still. 

So welcome fellow travelers…to the Christmas Countdown. 

Welcome to the next 25 days of the Journey. 

Let’s meet for coffee and cocoa…let’s talk about Jesus and let’s share the celebrations and the stresses and the coping and the hoping. 

Today I leave you with a thought from the opening passages of the book of Luke. 

How he wanted his reader to know that the account he was about to share was not a fictitious account of some legend but instead was based on eye-witness accounts of men and women who had walked with this Jesus and who knew Him personally and were there when He was crucified and died and rose again and these…plain, ordinary men and women were willing to give their lives for Him. 

He is real. 

He walked this earth just as we have believed. 

And He was born. 

He was born in Bethlehem in Judea…not on some snowy, quiet Christmas night with halos glowing gently over the head of His mother and father…but in a stable because there was no room for them in the inn. 

So let’s make room this year…amongst the decor that we put up and the food we prepare, the gifts we wrap and the ones we receive. Let’s make room each day, throughout the day, to celebrate this incredible gift. 

And let us remember that we live in anticipation that He will come again. 

Welcome Christmas…welcome to our home. 

Welcome Christ of Christmas…welcome to our hearts <3


This year I will attempt to add some Scriptures I used in my meditations each day for you to explore:

  • Luke 1
  • Psalm 130
  • 1 Peter 4:7-11
  • Psalm 143:5-10

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  1. Just saw your posting and I’m so in. Every Christmas I tell myself this year will be more about Christ and less of the world. And every year it’s a battle. Most years I’m disappointed in myself. I look forward to joining in the next 25 days of anticipation and waiting for my Savior.

    1. It is a struggle. I love all the parts of Christmas because it is full of memories and sweetness and kindness and fun. But if I don’t center it on Christ I find the let down from it all is because I filled up on the wrong things. Thank you for your heart and for your encouragement!

  2. I’m in, too. This is actually the first year I’ve sensed God’s leading to be intentional to make these “leading up” days before Christmas different, better, meaningful. Your 25 day blog will be part of that. So thank YOU.

    1. I am so honored and blessed to have you join me on the Journey! It is so much better to travel with friends <3

  3. Thank you for your words of encouragement!
    I’m ready for the next 25 days of this Journey!
    Making room for Jesus❤️

    1. Bless you! I am so deeply surprised to see that someone will make this journey with me! So lovely to not travel alone <3

  4. Looking forward to celebrating the 25 days with you. Just went and bought 3 of the planners you suggested! lol I, too, am a list person.

    1. Yay!!!! I do love my lists!! Just filled in this week and I am excited to get started…but first water <3

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