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Christmas Countdown 2019…Day 18

PC/Rachel Maxwell <3

It is Wednesday which means I have to get out the door with all the things needed for work and then running errands on the way home. 

So as I watch the minutes tick by, I am compelled to share the top thought off of my visit to Luke 18 today and that is Jesus seems to be just fine with the parts of our humanity that we consider to be socially unacceptable…

The persistent widow who makes a pest of herself to the judge.

The guy at church who unashamedly repents and weeps and humbles himself in a most undignified way. 

The little kids who are too noisy and acting silly and complaining because “he’s looking at me, she took my toy” and just acting their age which can drive us grown ups over the edge. 

He doesn’t go chasing over the rich guy who can’t figure out that all his wealth is pointless when he has missed the main point of if all.

The people who have become unaccepted by their family and friends because they only care about being accepted by Him.

The people who are closest to Him who still don’t get what He is saying but He just keeps talking to them and explaining things to their closed minds. 

The guy who wants healing so badly he hollers incessantly from the side of the road to the chagrin of the rest of the crowd. 

He sees us as we are. 

Blind, lost, loud, inappropriate … hurting, gushing emotions, confused, scared. 

He is our Shepherd and He is unfazed by the disorderly, unkempt condition of His sheep. 

He loves us and He stoops down and scoops our messy selves into nail scarred hands and carries us, one by one, to the Father and says over and over again with each delivery…

This one, he is ours.

This one, she belongs to us. 

Praise Him <3

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    1. Thank you <3 I am thankful for God to have given me that word yesterday because I can tell you that was all HIM!!! <3

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