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Christmas Countdown 2019….Day 20


This morning as I read through Luke 20, two contrasting views jumped out at me. 

Jesus speaks clearly, openly and with authority. 

His critics speak out of fear of the crowd, with an agenda and in manipulative ways. 

Here is the summary from my viewpoint:

Verses 1-8: Jesus teaches out in full public view about the good news of the Kingdom of God. He answers the questions of the elders in front of everyone. 

The elders on the other hand:

  • discuss His answer among themselves
  • debate what is the most popular and political correct stance to take
  • feign ignorance

Verses 9-19: Jesus tells a parable about the very thing being done against Him in verse 1-8. Again, He speaks openly to the public for all ears to hear. 

Scribes and chief priests begin to plot how they can shut Him down, but do not act because they fear the opinion of the people. 

Verses 20-26: They began trying to catch Him up with His own words, but He realizes their craftiness and doesn’t play into their hands. He continues to answer their questions with wisdom in an open manner.

“They” (same scribes, chief priests and elders) begin covert spying and trickery and even though they are amazed at His answers, they continue to plot yet remain silent out of fear of losing the popular vote. 

Verses 27-39: The Sadducees, who don’t even believe in resurrection quiz Him about resurrection…and He just goes ahead and answers them clearly and truthfully.

They once again commend Him for wise answers, and dare not ask Him any more questions. 

Verses 41-47: He once again declares that He is who He says He is…and He openly warns His followers about the nature and character of the scribes. 

While they are worried about people pleasing and political correctness…He just openly speaks the truth. 

Not with arrogance. 

Not with superiority, but with humility and authority. 

Not to please the crowds, but in obedience to His Father. 

We are His followers. 

He is our example. 

How are we doing with that?

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