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Countdown to Christmas 2019….Day 21


Our reading today does not match well with the mood of our final days leading up to Christmas Even and Christmas Day. 

There is much description of the persecution and turmoil and natural disasters, the wars and signs of the end times that stand in stark contrast to our brightly lit homes and wrapping paper and counters strewn with pictures of people we love adorning cards with messages of hope and peace and blessing. 

But a quick glance at a news feed reveals the reality of the conflict in nature and in mankind that is growing with an intensity that should wake us up. 

We are not the ones who should be shaking our heads and asking pitifully what the world is coming to. 

We know what it is coming to. 

It is coming the end and then the Beginning.

Jesus says our job is to be alert and praying that we will be found faithful when it all comes crashing down. 

The joy we feel over His birth is magnified because we know His birth signifies the reaching down of God to save us from our sin and from our selves. 

That this life it temporal and yet in it, we are building for eternity with Him. 

His promise is to return and so we wait and as we wait we proclaim His truth. 

What better season to do it than this one right here, right now <3

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