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Christmas Countdown 2019….Day 23


Distracted? Why, yes…yes I am just a little bit.

We have the first of our two youngest home and we have been enjoying being with him and doing family and friend things while also tying up all the loose ends and so this morning instead of doing this post first thing, I got a hair cut and met John for coffee and ran half of the last zillion errands. 

But I did read Luke 23 and what I notice is the way the ones who wanted to get rid of Jesus waited until they could sway the crowd in their favor. 

I notice how Herod was only interested in Him for entertainment value and Pilate didn’t want to make some kind of decision that would be a negative mark on his political record. 

I notice how Jesus never had an agenda and the people who really understood who He is and why He came didn’t have one either. 

They, like He, are focused on a kingdom that is not of this world. 

It’s not political or popular or designed to make us happy and feel good about ourselves. 

It is a kingdom that saves us one by one when we realize how unworthy we are and yet He came to make a way for us to be with Him forever. 

I am so deeply grateful and I will spend every last breath here proclaiming that He alone is worthy of all glory and honor and praise and yet…He came for the likes of one such as me <3 

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