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Christmas Countdown 2019….Day 5


This morning as I read through Chapter 5 of Luke, I just took some notes and looking over them now it seems best to simply list each thought. 

There are seven which is a perfect number so here we go:


Crowds are pressing into Jesus and so He climbs in a fishing boat on the shore and begins to teach from this rather unusual platform. 

First off, I love this so much.

It speaks to my introvert/extrovert conflict.

Too many people needing too many things and yet the desire to continue to minister…and no, I am not Jesus…but I just felt like maybe He understands when we need some space but we don’t quit doing the thing we are called to do. 

Also I always love how when He is finished speaking He tells Peter to steer the boat out into deep waters. 

The passage is not wordy, but speaks volumes. Peter is respectful and kind and weary. 

Peter tells Him what He already knows…they have been fishing all night and have caught nothing…

And then Peter adds…but because You said so…we will go one more time. 

Have you been there? 

Have you prayed the prayer or done the service or put in all the work to no avail and you feel the Spirit nudge…one more time?

Oh to be like Peter and say…I’m tired, it’s not working…but because You say so…I will do it”

And then do it again…and again…as long as He tells me to, until we bring in the big haul…or He tells me to stop <3


They left everything and followed Him. 

Do you get that? 

They just pulled in a record haul of fish and they were fisherman. They had mouths to feed and bills to pay and a family business. 

But they laid those tools of their livelihood down right there and walked away from it…and followed Him. 

I look around our house right now.

I look at my to do list and my plans for today and this week and Christmas.

And I have to dig deep in my soul and ask…have I laid it all down to follow Him?

That might mean I keep doing what I am doing, but I do it for Him.

It might mean I have to walk away, but I walk away for Him.

That whatever I do, I do because I have laid it ALL down to follow HIM.


A man who needed healing simply asked…Lord, if you are willing. 

That’s surrender, right there.

Lord, I want to be healed. If you are willing, heal me. If you are not, I will not be healed.

How precious and sweet must it have been to hear the Lord answer back…

I am willing. 

He is willing, you know? 

He is willing to bring His Kingdom to earth in answer to our prayers. 

I pray you hear Him say to you today…in that gentle Good Shepherd voice…

I AM and I am willing <3

In His way, in His timing…we ask with surrendered hearts knowing He will always do what is best.


I love this line….Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayed. 

May we, like Jesus, remember that we will never be able to minister and pour out unless we also spend time away from the people we desire to serve and just pray. 


Those friends who carried their buddy on a stretcher and dug a hole in the roof when they couldn’t get him squeezed through the door get me every time I read this one.

I have carried some brothers and sisters myself and I have been most graciously laid on the roof many a time as those same precious saints dug out the sod to get me to Jesus. 

I love that God’s Word records Jesus as saying…He saw THEIR faith…it was a joint effort that brought the healing. 

I am so thankful that God has allowed one like me to be both on the stretcher and toting it. 


When Jesus asks them which is easier: to make a paralyzed person walk again or to forgive sins.

The answer is…neither. 

They are both impossible unless you happen to be God. 

Which He was. 

And is.

And forever will be. 


Once again we see someone stand up from his place of employment…leave everything….and follow Jesus. 

And I have to ask myself a second time…have I left everything to follow Him or am I trying to follow Him and hold on to something else?

Much to ponder in our hearts today, yes?

Does one of these speak to an area in your life where the Spirit has been trying to get your attention. 

Let’s find a quiet and deserted place today…and for some that is harder than others…and let God’s Spirit guide us to the what He is teaching each one of us today <3

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