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Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 17


Our church threw me for a bit of a loop today. They are offering the same service this Saturday, Sunday and then again Wednesday and Christmas Eve. You can watch it online or in person, but they are encouraging online since Christmas Eve tends to be super crowded and we have this thing called a pandemic going on. 

So today a text from the office came out saying the Christmas services start in “3” days and I had a more than mild panic attack. Somehow even though we can’t all gather and there have been no school programs, church events, Christmas parties or friends meeting up for our annual gift exchange; I have still managed to feel a lot of pressure. 

One of the extra bedrooms looks like the stock room of a small store. The ping pong table and its adjacent card table are littered with wrapping paper, ribbons, price stickers and glitter. Remind me to NOT purchase gift tags with glitter…Ever. Again.

I woke last night in a panic with visions of menus running through my head and we are up to the O’s in our cards, which is great except our last name starts with R and there are a million or so of them. 

How are you doing with it all? 

In all seriousness, this has been one of the least stressful Christmas seasons since I was a child and had no responsibilities. I am having fun with you and I hope you have laughed a little, but the slower schedule has meant we have enjoyed our decorations and been able to spend the extra time actually preparing our hearts.

 I have really enjoyed meeting up here each day along with reading a lovely Advent devotion and comparing notes each day with a couple of friends. 

If Jesus had returned any of the days this month, I would have been in pretty good shape but that has not always been the case. And there were definitely moments this past month where I would have been caught slack jawed hoping I hadn’t disqualified myself due to a recent meltdown. 

Now I know you can’t earn your way into heaven, but when He returns, I don’t want to be acting like a goof ball. 

And that is the point of 1 Thessalonians. 

Paul is reminding the Church that He will return and we will have no warning. 

I can remember in various stages of my life hoping He wouldn’t return at that particular moment. Caught in a movie theater watching something that I knew was just plain wrong? Please no.

Having Him split the sky when I just hurled a great big load of foul venting out into the atmosphere? Oh the sorrow of the thought. 

What if the Trumpet sounds just as I am rehearsing for the ten millionth time how someone wronged me and planning my retort? Please spare me. 

You see living right and seeking righteousness isn’t really a burden. It is a freedom we are given. It frees us to live with a sweet hope and expectation that maybe today, maybe any moment, He will return and make all things new. 

No more tears.

No more sorrow. 

No more pain. 

Sounds worth the wait to me. 

How about you? 

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