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Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 25

Good Christmas Morning to you! 

As I went to sleep last night I thought back over the years of Christmas Eves on my journey here on planet Earth. 

From a child who was too excited to go to sleep, to a young adult trying to figure out how to celebrate the two aspects of Christmas and make sense of our traditions and the way they blend with marking the birth of our Savior.

On to the being an excited mom who slept little between the preparations for the morning’s meal and the pulling out of stockings and special Santa gifts. 

The quiet of the morning as I would light the Advent candles and end whatever devotions had been the focus of preparing my heart and getting the biscuits cut and shaken in the sugar and cinnamon for Monkey Bread. Hoping to have it all timed before the little ones began to stir. 

And now to a grandma who has passed the baton to the next generation and figures out how make what time we have together just enough but not too much.

Such a hodgepodge of the sacred and the ordinary. 

This is Christmas. 

God stepping down into what we are and walking among us. 

Showing us the way, leading my heart to deeper levels of understanding His kindness and mercy to us whose skin He took on for eternity.

So welcome, Christ Child, once again. 

Born into our hearts and into our world. 

Come to save us from our sins. 

We celebrate Your birth and our new life.

Merry Christmas to you my friends <3

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Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 24

Happy Christmas Eve! 

I know all of us Christmas is very different this year. 

Last night we drove to see some Christmas lights we had heard about and the road home took us past 4 or 5 hotels. The parking lots were all but empty. A few cars at most tell the story of many who are staying home and not visiting family and friends this year. 

Even without a lot of the normal hustle and bustle that characterize December, we have had a lot going on it would seem and at times I felt as stressed as ever. But we have also enjoyed quieter times at home and taking time to be thoughtful in how we can bless family and friends. 

The tone of our Christmas traditions may be greatly altered, but the heart of Christmas remains unchanged. Whatever our feelings are, we know that we celebrate the birth of Christ during this few days set aside for that purpose.

We have prayed many a prayer for the hurting and yet what a treat for this to be the year the Christmas Star twinkled on a cold night across the skies as around the country people posted pictures and marveled we got to see it. 

God is good. 

This is something I know for sure. 

We can declare that even if our current circumstances are not so great.

And Paul ends 2 Thessalonians asking for his friends to pray for him and his fellow ministers to continue to speak the Gospel boldly. As we have read the Christmas newsletters from various ministries around the country and world, over and over they report that this has been a great year for the growth of the Kingdom. 

Let’s pray for all of us to continue to share the Gospel boldly and with power. 

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Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 23

First off, I am sending a little note of apology to anyone who reads this through an email subscription. I wrote yesterday’s but didn’t post right away. My plan was to edit and then post whilst making a fantastic new soup recipe. Here –>

Well, the soup is easy but 100% hands on for the entire preparation process. So as I chopped and stirred and simmered this tasty dish, I completely forgot about the post.

As I tucked it in the fridge and dashed to heat the curling iron so I could get my head presentable for my drive north, I glanced at the clock and realized I had missed the 10 AM sending mark for posts. 

Sigh. You can read it by clicking on older posts…or just move on with today. <3

I will confess….I had a meltdown that rivaled the butter that had simmered into a roux just moments before. The result was not a tasty dish, but a sour exit for my poor husband as his teary wife grabbed her things and once again left in a flurry of emotions for the drive north. 


I am and always will be a work in progress until the Lord returns to claim me and present me faultless before God who will most likely shake His beautiful head and say…well, she made it, Son.

The enemy of God works tirelessly to weary the saints and often we are his biggest allies. At least this girl is. 

My anxieties, fears and mental wool-gathering (as Oswald Chamber’s would call it) can sideline me in a heartbeat. 

So when I read how Jesus will defeat the ultimate evil of all evil attempts of the antichrist to overthrow God’s plan for us once and for all…I just sit back and marvel at His power. 

After Paul describes the most horrific turn of events that will usher in the end of time as we have known it on planet earth that is known as “The Day” we are told that evil beyond anything we have ever experienced will be unleashed because the Holy Spirit who has held it back all this time will be removed. 

Evil with no restraint will appear and then….

…the Lord Jesus will kill him with the breath that comes from his mouth and will destroy him with the glory of His coming.

2 Thessalonians 2: 8


The same Shepherd who holds me when I am falling apart and speaks words of conviction, healing, understanding and restoration to me will one day just breathe on this unholy terror and end the whole mess once and for all.

This gentle One whose name is often misaligned in our culture, will simply show up in the full glory of His nature and all the evil of Hell will not be able to survive in the Light. 

Praise Him!

Rest in that today, my friend. 

He came once to walk among us and show us the way, He will come back and establish His Kingdom here on earth. It is not a political rule, it is not a democracy, it will be eternal and just and righteous. 

Do you know Him as your Lord and Savior? 

Then rejoice for He is faithful and true. 

God bless you as you work through the details of what Christmas 2020 will be like in your home while you wait for the promised return of our Savior <3

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