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Christmas Countdown 2021 Day 19 <3

It’s the fourth Sunday of Advent…the candles remind me of this beautiful season of preparation and also the fact that Christmas will happen within the next six days. 

This morning we are up and at ‘em early. 

A basketball game will be followed by attending church with our family up north. 

So today’s ornament is short and sweet. 

When Russ and I married and loaded up a few meager pieces of hand-me-down furniture and all our wedding gifts and headed to this town we have called home for forty years, we knew no one. 

We had each other and that was it. So we found things to do and somehow we came up with the idea of taking a china painting class. 

Both of us had relatives who had done this kind of art and so we found a place where you could paint and fire and such and we went a couple of times. 

We made our first Christmas decorations – a cute pair of kissing angels that sometimes make it out of the box and onto a shelf for decorations..and this little ornament which does make it on the tree each year. 

It reminds me of all the fun things Russ has made possible in our marriage and the way he continues to challenge me to try new things. 

We are blessed..and we are in a hurry…so have a sweet Sunday.

You are loved <3

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