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Christmas Past

In this week between Christmas and New Year’s, there is a lingering.

I am not ready to part with the lights and the tree, the greenery and all things Christmas.

The pace has slowed and Russ and I can sit and relax.

We are reading our new books and resting; finishing up leftovers and tidbits of goodies we made and received.

We are easing back into work schedules and resuming the ordinary tasks of life, like the overflowing laundry basket and the paperwork that was tucked away for the holidays.

There are some visits with friends and family that are now unhurried because the To Do list is done.

Anticipation of starting a fresh year is simmering, but it’s too soon to really get serious about our goals.

Also, all around are remnants and reminders of our house being full of family for a whole day. All of our family…together…in one place for one long, wonderful day. The first and only time in 2014.

And I know the reality that it may be a while….a long while….before that happens again.¬†And that’s a thought I do not want to dwell on.

Because in the aftermath of Christmas, I can become a victim of my emotions. Fueled by too little sleep, too much sugar and too many feelings; I can lose focus and flounder.

I can forget all that I have been given and fret for what might not ever be again.

If you feel the same temptation to walk by feelings and not by faith, I urge you to continue in the disciplines of prayer and Scripture reading even as you finish out this year.

In the midst of our pondering and remembering and forecasting, it is so important to remain yoked to Him whose birth we celebrated and whose return we anticipate.

May you be blessed in the aftermath of Christmas 2014 <3








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