Still processing…

As I sit here in a somewhat picked up family room, it is good to be still and quiet.

Another Christmas is past, but we will let the stockings hang for a while longer, eat some more from the tidbits of treats on the counter and slowly absorb gifts bestowed on us into the drawers and closets of our life.

We will find some times yet to go visit friends, meet up with family wherever we can all make the schedules work and plan for how organized we are going to become in 2015.

We will look at pictures we took and laugh at the goofy things that are family finds hilarious. Like our St Louis pups, Rocco and Chipito photo bombing our “timer” family pic….


and yes…we are still in our  pj’s at 5:30 pm….it happens….

I’ll salvage boxes and tissue paper for next year, finally read the Christmas cards and letters that came in during the pre-Christmas rush and get creative with leftovers.

Post holiday….New Year…God bless you all and refresh your hearts as you process and ponder Christmas 2014 <3


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