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Christmas Reflections 2015 <3


As we officially entered the season of Advent on Sunday, our family used the last fumes of emotional and physical energy to witness the dedication of Joel Timothy Maxwell to be raised to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior…and then we crashed.

Or at least I did.

I withdrew to refuel…in rest…in prayer…in His Word.

And like the sun that is reappearing after several days of rainy grey, I am sensing the HOPE that we celebrate each year at this time we call Advent…Christmas…rising in me.

I am not sure how the blog will go this month…I am predicting you will get some thoughtful reflecting…some random pondering…some melancholy and some silly…some family fun and some days…nothing at all because I am giving myself the gift of silence from social media on days when I need to withdraw.

But please know…on those days…you are still thought of and prayed for…and cared about because you matter…you matter to Him and thus to me.

He is the source of all love and joy and He binds our hearts together in all seasons.

So for today I leave you with the words at the top of my current “To Do” list….

Humble yourself under His Mighty Hand and in due time…

His time…

He will lift you up…

not to a place of unmerited exaltation that was never meant for you…

but to the right place…

a good place…

a wide place to set your feet where you will dwell with Him…

and He in you ….

and you will bear fruit again <3

God bless you in this season of waiting ….

this season of….


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