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Commemoration Week 2016 <3 Tuesday

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The LORD God has stretched out His hand.

He has thrown the enemy into darkness and confusion – He has given us Light, Revelation and Clarity TODAY.

ALL WILL know His Glory when they see the destruction of the Egyptians and the deliverance of God’s people – Do NOT be afraid!

Stand firm and you WILL see the deliverance the LORD will bring TODAY

The Egyptians you see TODAY you will …..


see again!

The Lord will fight for you;

You need….


to be….


Exodus 14: 13-14


We all read with horror and unbelief the news a while back about the family in Florida who watched as an alligator snatched their toddler off the beach in the middle of a family vacation.

While we have no video footage, thankfully, our minds can play out the scene in graphic detail and any parent or person who fiercely loves a child can feel the desperation that drove the father into the water…into the mouth of an alligator…in a futile attempt to rescue his son.

Sitting here almost two months after reading the first accounts, I still weep for the family and say a prayer.

I can put myself in that father and mother’s place a thousand times and relate to the utter helplessness they must have felt in those moments.

How they would have fought that alligator to their own death to save their child.

And then I think of God’s love for us.

That He sent His only Son…

into the jaws of death…

for you…

for me…

for all who would receive the gift of Salvation.

Unlike the father on the beach…

God most assuredly could have spared His Son…

stopped the jaws of death from closing over Him…

stopped the heaping of sin on His sinless son.

Oh, yes, the Father could have saved the Son…

and lost all of us.

But He didn’t.

He is able to save.

He is willing to save.

I am so grateful <3

Stand still on the Promises of God with me, TODAY..

.and remember….

We are crossing the Jordan

He is leading us

He will fight for us

The enemy is in darkness and confusion NOW

We are in clarity and light and revelation Truth NOW

We are delivered TODAY –

the enemy is defeated TODAY –

this one is finished –

over –

We will never see this enemy again.

God will show us the way because it is a new way

It is finished TODAY –

we will see His GLORY from now on

He has been at work through all of this dark, confusing time –

we believed it…

now we will see it

All will see what God has done and will give HIM the GLORY

It is ALL His work


we will give Him




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  1. Thank you! I am printing this one and hanging up in my office to read every morning!

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