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Enjoy the view….


and yes…that is right here in our sweet little town….lots of pretty things like this tucked in corners all over if we would just have eyes to see.

But my story today is not so sweet…we got our credit card bill today and as I did the scan of charges I found 3 to some gas station on random dates.

For $1.25 every time.

In a state far far away…and no we hadn’t flown there on three separate dates to pick up a polar pop during the month of April.

So I called the 800 number and went through the drill. With several people.

And all said the same thing, this is how the thief checks to see if we will notice before they attempt bigger purchases.

And that’s kind of what compromise boils down to, isn’t it?

Just small things.

Little bits of our heart here and there. And when nothing happens…a little more….and then….too much…

I am so careful to check our statements and balance our checkbook on a regular basis. And I should. It is important.

But….I want to also be diligent in checking the condition of my heart as well.

When I see attitudes and behaviors that do not belong to the character of a Christ-follower, they need to be dealt with…no matter how seemingly insignificant they appear.

I pray that God would give us hearts that are quick to identify the beginnings of compromise and strength to confess and repent so that our identity is held solid in Christ <3



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