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Sooooo big…..

On a recent visit from Graham, within seconds of entering the house, he handed me one of our breakable knickknacks and a book that he had gotten off of the top of a high shelf….”Look Lola! I can reach this now!”


I didn’t want to put a negative spin on it, so I carefully took the objects, congratulated him enthusiastically and reminded him about their house rule regarding taking things off of a counter without permission.

I must not have scarred him because the next thing I hear is, “Look Lola! I don’t need the stool to wash my hands….




Nope. You sure don’t…..


Then we went to the playground, where…IMG_4679

in Crocs, no less….

He scrambled up ladders and climbing paraphernalia of all sorts, with me trailing behind saying lame things like, “Be careful honey!”, while he shouted back, “Look how big I am! Look what I can do!”

So by the time we got to the jumbo fake mountain, I was a believer…and I watched him scramble up with only minimal heart palpitations…


until he reached the summit and he looked out over the playground and…


With coaxing, I got him to scoot to where he could get his footing and I stretched as high as I could till I could reach him…and we had a good hug during the rescue before he ran off to the stuff he knew he could conquer….until he grows and matures to come back and face this mountain equipped, unafraid….and ready for the next challenge.

I can relate.

I am often found running through life, kind of excited about all the things I can do now that maturity has had a measure of work in me. I am comfortable with more things that used to throw me for a loop. And I hardly notice God’s presence with me…but He’s there…

And then I climb a new mountain. I reach out and try something that I think I can do. Until I look around and realize I am way out of my comfort zone…and as I cry for help…there He is…right where He always was…with a hand outstretched, and words of encouragement and guidance, and a loving embrace.

If you are finding  yourself in a scary place, may I make a suggestion?

Sit down. Ask for help. Listen and take His hand.

God bless you as you stretch…


and grow <3


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    1. Praising God that this could be used in such a sweet way! Thanks for sharing! God bless you <3

  1. Great message, Laura! Love the pictures of Graham. I remember when Rachel was little, and Graham looks so much like her. Brings back memories of the times when Rachel and Chad played together. Where have the years gone? Have a nice day, Laura!

    1. Haha! Yes he does…he is a sweet mix of his mommy and daddy for sure! Yes, I remember it seems like a blink of an eye ago that they were that age. I don’t know where time goes, but it goes by faster every year!

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