Christmas Countdown 2018 Day 7


When I hopped on the computer this morning I noticed a bar under the “launch pad” icon at the bottom of my screen.

Something was being downloaded…I clicked to the App’s icon and there was some update happening on some program I don’t even use…but I know enough to know that if even the programs that are off my radar are not refined, it can cause problems, bugs and such with the whole system. 

I don’t understand computers…but I have to use this to do what I do and function in this world and so I am thankful for the way my computer is designed to take care of these things as they come up. 

In a similar but more profound way, God is far beyond my comprehension and understanding. 

I will say I see Him working here or there…I mention from time to time how He whispers to my heart some guidance or word…I credit Him for keeping me on track and I know He stands in my place…but there is so much I don’t know. 

His adjustments and updates and revealing of Himself to me is a process that happens over time as I open His Word and pray and study and let Him do what only He can do in me. 

Jesus prays this way in verse 7 of John 17:

Now they (the disciples) have known that all things which You have given Me are from You. NKJV

I always like the NKJV because it makes clear who we are talking about by capitalizing any pronoun references to the Trinity.

Don’t zone out on me, here! I am not going all English teacher on you…I just am telling you why I share from that first. 

Because as I read some other translations and paraphrases…these add fullness to the passage so….

From Contemporary English Version, we read it this way:

They know that you gave me everything I have.

And of course I have to include The Message, because for this passage it strikes the deepest chord of understanding in me for this short, but powerful passage…

They know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything you gave me is firsthand from you. 

I love that. 

I want to know that what I believe is rock solid. 

And this passage tells me…as Christ manifests the character of God to me through my study and then my obedience to His WORD and to HIM…who IS the Word of God…I can know…

let me emphasize this…

I    CAN      KNOW


way out past the outer limits and the farthest edges of even the shadow a doubt might make….

that Jesus teaches me first hand…

not second hand…

not gleaned through the friend of a friend of a guy who heard about God…


What Jesus teaches about God is straight, hot off the press, fresh from God.

This is good news. 

This is the Gospel. 

Be blessed today to know that you can know…all about God the Father through Jesus Christ, the Son…by the power of the Holy Spirit…one God…Three in One <3

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