Creature comforts


Well, Russ boarded up the lattice around the shed this spring and we were feeling pretty smug. We hoped maybe we could put our trapping days behind us.

But after months of varmint-free life, it appears one of our groundhog tenants has returned for summer vacation. And he looks really super healthy…like if we could enter him in the State Fair, he would be the grand prize ground hog.

I have welcomed him with a few pops from our bb gun and we have sprinkled some kind of repellant around the shed, but I saw him yesterday climbing down one of the slanted tree trunks next to the shed and ambling over to graze under the mulberry tree in our yard.

And in case you think I am making this up or that we have an unusually talented groundhog…google it…they do climb trees.

Bless their hearts.

I told Russ the good news when he got home last night so after he mowed, he started chopping away at the Mulberry Diner.


We have been on a waiting list for over a year to have it cut down …. made the appointment about two seconds after a wildlife expert told me they stick close to any food source, like…say….trees that drop a zillion berries around the clock.

But weather and rains and such have kept them from being able to bring the truck into our yard. And last night, we snapped.

We have prayed and sprayed and trapped and paid people to trap and made the shed as uncomfortable as we possibly can…

But as long as we keep feeding the menace, it has no reason to leave. So the tree is coming down.

And I wonder about how often I ask God to remove stuff in me… stuff that I don’t want; unhealthy, destructive, filthy…stuff…

but I keep feeding it.

And I wonder how much it will take to get me fed up enough with the varmint within myself to cut off its food source and get it gone…

Because I know that once I take the steps to clean house, God is more than ready to meet me more than halfway…

but I have to get passionate enough about it to figure out what’s nurturing the beast and CUT IT OUT….


How about you?

Any unwanted critters that you need to get rid of?

I pray for all of us to have the wisdom and strength to be able to identify and then destroy any intruder that would destroy the foundations of our faith.

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