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Sometimes it is hard to focus…

As I attempt to spend time with the Lord this morning, I am also watching out the back window for the latest groundhog that has sublet our shed for the summer. (more on this tomorrow…as it brews in my head….)

And so I try to seek wisdom for the day….and scan the yard…and pray…and scan the yard…and what do I see traipsing across the back fence line?????



At least all this one will do is dig a large hole in the grass and lay eggs so future generations of reptiles can call this place home….but …. there I go again…off FOCUS….

And I will tell you that this is the daily struggle, isn’t it?

Because I want so much to be filled with the Lord, but I am so easily distracted by my circumstances.

My current memory verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:23….say it along with me if you know it =0)….

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless.      NKJV

I have been working on this one since June 1 and I still had to look over at the card for most of the words, because right now….in my life….all I can focus on are these things…

That I can call Him by the name “God of peace”…that this is one of His handles, just as surely as some people call me Laura or Lola or Mom…I can call Him by the name God-of-Peace…

Also; I am able to remember on every attempt to recite this verse each morning that He, HIMSELF, will sanctify me…it’s not me sanctifying me. It’s not someone else making me into Christ’s image…no….

God-of-Peace will accomplish this in me, HIMSELF…

This gives me such hope. Such confidence. It means that the process of my sanctification…my being made holy and righteous is being handled by HIS HANDS….and I am safe in this place.

And then the word “completely”.

Oh, this stands out to me.

It sounds good to me.

I am a 100% kind of person.

In worldly ways, I have perfectionist tendencies, which is not healthy….because it makes me quit before I start. If I know I won’t be able to achieve perfection…why bother?

So here is where the part of this scripture that is resonating with me really hits home…

God-of-Peace is the only one who is perfect, and it is He, Himself, who is doing the work in me…and it will be complete…perfect…whole…

Even though I can’t see how He is doing it, I can trust that He is. As I call Him by His name…God-of-Peace…

I may not have this verse memorized word for word by June 14th….what with all the maintenance here at the Wildlife Preserve…..but I will keep hiding His word in my heart so that my focus remains on Him <3



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