Day 1: Souvenirs from the Journey …. Cuba 2018


So we traveled to Cuba and brought back a few trinkets in our suitcases…and a zillion memories and moments that are crowding around in my heart and mind.

They spill out in bursts when a friend asks how the trip went.

They swirl as phantom shadows as I process the life I live and the settings in which that life plays out on the back drop of a very different world and culture.

I drive down the wide streets of our neighborhood, each house strategically placed in a well manicured law…

and it is like a double exposed photograph now…

my world…

their world…

forever blended…


It is like that when you go outside the borders of all you have ever known.

To soak in and absorb and discover that language and culture and the way we do the everydays may vary vastly, but under it all we are just the same people.

We function in the contexts of our wiring and our families and the things we have to do to put food on the table and we are all seeking something that is greater than the governing officials that appear to run the show.

We all wonder what’s the point of this life…and is there more…


So I am sorting through the emotions of returning from a week that leaves me different, changed, transformed.

A week that has added a whole new group of names and faces to love and pray for…

new friends-who-feel-like-family…

some remain in Cuba and some were right under our noses in our own community…

we just had never had the chance to know them.

Oh my heart is full, my friends…so much to share.

And I am reminded of the story of the man who traveled far from a village high in the mountains and saw the ocean.

He was so amazed he wanted to share the vast beauty with those back home…so he gathered some of the water in a jar and took it back to show them…


Of course the villagers could not grasp what the man had seen.

How can one bring an entire ocean of experience back to the village?

Yet how can I stop myself from trying to bring Cuba 2018 to you, who walk this journey with me?

I will attempt this week to bring you some of the things God poured into my heart.

I took you with me, you know.

You were in my thoughts as I would scribble in my journal.

I felt your prayers.

And I am so thankful for each of you <3


I look forward to sharing some of the post cards from this journey with you.

So grab your favorite beverage, a wide open heart and an active imagination and meet me back here mañana <3


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