Day 17 Christmas Countdown 2022


Well, happy Saturday to you. 

I am working an extra shift at the store today so it’s like Friday all over again. Me rushing around with a coffee cup in my hand wishing I hadn’t spent so much time doing anything but get ready for work!

One of my Christmas memories I had jotted down to share involves our Sarah, who also gifted me a fur trimmed delight one Christmas a few years ago. She had taken a trip to Europe and saw this cape in Paris. 

She knows my love for France and apparently my affinity for fake fur, and she was spot on in her choice for me <3

But my memory has to do with a time when she was about four years old. 

We lived across the street from the best adopted grandparent neighbors anyone could ask for. 

I shared with you about them last year when our dear Florence left us to be reunited with her beloved Eddie ( Here —> https://www.laurareimer.net/christmas-countdown-2021-day-7/), but I will retell the story because as I said…it runs in my genes to retell good stories over and over. 

Florence and Eddie had a two story house with a long porch that ran across the front of it. Between the two living room windows was a big expanse of brick and every December, Florence ordered a huge evergreen wreath with a giant red bow. Eddie hung it on a hook where it was showcased at sundown by two huge spotlights positioned just off the porch. 

One year, I got a call from Florence telling me that some scoundrels had taken it in the night. She asked me to keep an eye out for where they might have tossed it. 

I shared the story with our family and we were so sad anyone would do this. 

Our Sarah had made a small wreath at preschool from an inexpensive white paper plate. Green and red tissue paper squares were glued around the edges and a yarn ribbon made the bow and hangar for her creation. 

Nothing but, she wanted to give that handcrafted treasure to the Cahan’s to replace the wreath that was stolen. 

We took it over and she presented it to them and in short order it was hanging in the place of it’s impressive predecessor. There it stood proudly as it braved the winds of the season by day and at night was highlighted by those two beacons shining brightly on it.

 Florence made sure anyone and everyone knew to drive by and look at it as she retold the story of how it came to be. She was so proud of that little paper wreath and I can still her hearty laugh as she told about how it came to be on their porch. 

A sweet memory that has grown sweeter as that little girl with the big heart has grown up and has an even bigger heart and our dear Florence and Eddie have left us for better porches. 

God bless your day. 

You are loved <3

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