Day 18 Christmas Countdown 2022


The fourth Sunday of Advent, and I am such a goof, I forgot to light the candles this morning! 

You want my excuse? 

It’s lame.

I worked both Friday and Saturday and after we locked the door and headed to cars yesterday afternoon, I hightailed it to meet up with Russ so we could attend Sweet Caroline’s recital. It was a complete ballet of Elf, with our girl captivating all of us in two of the gazillion dances. 

I told you…this star struck girl forgot to light her Advent candle cause she was looking at pictures and sending them to friends and family. 


We need to scoot out the door to church, but I promised you a memory a day so here is a quick one. 

Speaking of church, back in the days of our three being little, our church had a huge weekend Christmas program every year. It started with a choir standing in a tree made of wood and covered with evergreen and lights. 

The kids and teen choirs sang and danced. There was a play that went around it all, it was quite an outreach and we made a lot of our current friends around those practices, rehearsals and performances. 

Nothing like corralling a bunch of wild and wooly kids in fancy dresses and tuxes (yes, the boys wore tuxes provided by one of our members) in between numbers. 

You bond with other parents in trenches like that. 

I look at our busy lives even as retired people and wonder how on earth our kids and us pulled that off between school, sports, other commitments. But we did. 

I miss it. 

I miss the crazy and the exhaustion and the chaos. 

Treasures stored up are those days. 

Blessings friends.

Enjoy every moment. 

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    1. Amen, amen, amen. I remember your sweet face and Chris up in that tree in your white tux shirts and red bowties <3

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