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Day 2….Welcome back <3

Welcome back to Day 2 of VBSWOTGABYOS…

and if you think I am regretting the choice to use that many initials for our tag line, think again my friend…you should see my passwords…

Pop quiz…what’s our theme?

With God we lack nothing <3

Also…must confess… I actually had to look back at yesterday’s post to see exactly how I worded that…help me…

Today we are going to look at the passage that I first and foremost think of when pondering what I think I “lack”.

It happens to be about that grandson of Naomi we spoke of yesterday. (and no…there is no well-thought out thread here from day to day, it just worked out for this mornings…who knows where we will end up tomorrow…)

It is found in 1 Samuel 30 before David was able to put that crown on his head.

Anointed by Samuel and destined to be the King of Israel, we find him running for his life from the displaced and disgruntled King Saul.

David and his men, along with all their families and possessions had settled in a city called Ziklag.

In the opening verses, David and his men are returning from the army camp of the Philistines (and this would be a whole other teaching but we are not going there)…only to find that an enemy group called the Amalekites had raided their city while they were away.

They had burned the town down and taken all the women and children captive.

David and his men were beyond devastated as they wept over the loss.

In their grief, the men turned on David and spoke of stoning him in retaliation.

David lacked.

In so many ways.

He lacked the title to go with the anointing.

He lacked the security of the home he had to flee the first time Saul turned on him.

He lacked his wives and his property and what little ground he had gained in the helter-skelter life he had come to know.

He lacked the support of his men.

But in his “lack”…

…David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.  v. 6

In his grief and anxiety, He turned to the Lord for wisdom and for direction.

And God answered.

God encouraged him to pursue the attackers and as you read through the rest of Chapter 30, you hear of the great victory he gave David and his men over the Amalekites.

Hear the sweeping sound of the power of God in these verses…

So David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away, and David rescued his two wives.

And nothing of theirs was lacking, 

either small or great,

sons or daughters,


or anything which they had taken from them. 


I have always imagined that this ruthless band of marauders, who burned a village and took all the women and children….

this horde of destruction and chaos that threatened the lives of David and his men,…

who were eating and feasting and reveling over the spoils they had taken…

had no opportunity to harm a hair on the head of one sweet woman or one precious child before the army that would be Israel was able to overtake and destroy them.

Sometimes evil rushes in and takes everything that is precious to us.

But God….

Oh, Campers…..little children of the Mighty God…take heart.

Strengthen yourself in the Lord today as we say…

With God we lack nothing <3




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