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Day 3 and I can’t think of a snappy title

As I was thinking of characters in the Bible who seemed to lack, I thought about Moses.

Oh yes, I know.

He was so close to God, his face glowed and he is a patriarch of the faith.

But contrary to the Cecil B. DeMille version, Moses did not stride away from the burning bush bursting with confidence.

God got his attention, for sure, in this most miraculous display of a bush on fire and yet not consumed by the fire (and for this I have to say Mr. DeMille’s depiction in technicolor had me on the edge of my seat EVERY. TIME.)

After Moses removed his sandals, God identified Himself in no uncertain terms and outlined His incredible plan to deliver the nation of Israel out of slavery under Pharaoh in Egypt.

He laid out some fantastic specs for the operation and even did an extremely disturbing thing with his staff when He turned it into a serpent and then asked Moses to pick the thing up by the tail and it returned to a staff.

Personally, at this point, if I had been able to pick up a serpent by it’s snakey end part… the thought of marching up to Pharaoh declaring “Let my people go” would have seemed like child’s play.

However with all this conversation and miraculous stuff going on, Moses actually suggested to God that He had made a mistake.

Asked the wrong guy.

Recruited a second stringer for a major league effort.

Because according to Exodus 4:10, Moses informs the God who created him, provided an escape from being murdered as an infant, plopped him in Pharaoh’s palace to be raised as a prince, helped him survive escaping into the desert and now had done quite a few things that certainly would convince the man He had the power….that he isn’t a very good speaker.

I have read in commentaries that he may have stuttered.

Which we all know Charlton Heston did not do.

But in the real story…the real Moses…lacked.

He lacked the confidence and the skill and the finesse and whatever he thought he would need to pull off what God was asking him to do.

Have you been there?

Maybe not rescuing 600,000 people and all their possessions and livestock out of a foreign country in the middle of the night…

but still….

something you know He has called you to do and you have assessed your ability…

and it…



cut it.

Listen to how God responds to Moses and learn.

Because God reminds him that it is GOD who gave him his mouth and GOD who gives people the ability to speak or not to speak.

And GOD would be the one to give Moses the words, the timing and all the eloquence he would need….if only Moses would trust Him.

So what are you lacking to do the thing?

What do you think God has called you to do and then failed in his assessment of your skill set, your talent, your gifting?

Believe me, I understand.

This one hits home with me every time I sit down at this keyboard to prepare a lesson or write an encouragement or tap out this post.

I don’t have what it takes, I tell Him.

He made a mistake…

or maybe I did…

because I sure never saw a burning bush or had one of my pens turn into a garter snake when I set it down.

But it’s not about what I bring to the table.

And the same goes for you.

When He calls us, He equips us.

It’s not easy…it’s not painless…it’s not without a struggle.

But we go forward.

One step at a time, placing our feet on the path and our hope in Him.

Turns out the only think lacking when we hesitate in our whole-hearted obedience is confidence in HIM who MADE US.

Let us never be lacking in that.

Let us be people who trust completely in our God because…

With God we lack nothing<3


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