Day 5…Brave Moms, Brave Kids week <3

Are we really at the end of the week?

We are!

And I feel like I just didn’t do this book justice!

But I hope I have created in you an interest to purchase a couple of copies…one to keep and one to give.  Check it out here.

We will be getting a follow up post from Rachel yet…

but I tell ya…

girl has her hands full…

photo courtesy of Rachel

All. The. Time.

But I know her and I saw her copy of Brave Moms on the stack of work next to her own computer…so she’s cooking up a good post for us and when I get it…so will you.

So today we are closing out the series from my end.


and then we can have a good rest….<3

I have loved hearing from  you all. I appreciate the comments/likes/shares/following the page and the email subscriptions. It helps make this little place of encouragement to be seen by more people and I pray God would use my “two fish and five loaves” and multiple them to lead any who stop by here on a given day to draw closer to Jesus <3

I am closing today with one of my favorite quotes from Lee.

In a section entitled Teach Them to Know and Obey Their God, she talks about the importance of daily sowing into our children the knowledge of God and why He is worthy of our obedience to His ways.

She points to the accounts in Scripture of a young man who was trained up to be BRAVE…by a brave mom and dad probably…way back when Babylon invaded Jerusalem and took him away captive…never to return.

Daniel was in his teens when he was selected to be transported to a faraway land so that he could be indoctrinated and brainwashed into the pagan culture and court of the King of Babylon.

They took his name, his life as he had known it and most likely his manhood…but they couldn’t take his heart or his spirit.

Those had been given once and for all to Yahweh and in Daniel we see story after story of what brave looks like.

It had to start with the training he received in his home is how Lee surmises it.

What he had received up to the point of capture kept him forever free in the land of the enemy.

Daniel … in Hebrew…God is my judge…never let the culture influence him but instead HE influenced even pagan Kings to declare the praises of our mighty God. In each account we see the Kings of both Babylon and Persia respecting him, seeking wisdom from him, acknowledging the Sovereignty of his God…and in King Darius we see such a deep relationship forged that his royal head never closed its eyes but waited fitfully though the watches of the night while Daniel slept peacefully amongst the lions he had been thrown to.

Day by day…faith lived out and taught by loving parents brought the name of Yahweh into the very throne room of the enemy.

Day by day…step by step….prayer by prayer…act by act…

“This is the way we walk, child…”


I will close with Lee’s beautiful words regarding the motive behind our efforts to raise up warriors who will strengthen others in their own faith and equip them to stand before kings with confidence held steadfastly in the King of kings…that they will have committed wholeheartedly their hearts to the LORD before the enemy ever has a chance at them.

“I pray that, when it comes to our children, the Enemy might look at them and conclude, “We began too late. These kids already know their God.” May our teachings echo down their hearts chambers decades from now, reminding them of the truths we sow into them today.”  Lee Nienhuis/Brave Moms, brave kids. pg. 139

Amen, amen, amen

That’s a brave prayer, my friend.

God help us to be brave <3

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