Happy Monday and the winner is…..<3


First off, let me explain the highly scientific and technologically advanced way in which this sweepstakes was handled.

I recorded the names of anyone who I was able to ascertain had shared, liked, commented on the post on Facebook or left a comment here on the site or signed up for email with this device….


Last night I manually cut every name into strips and deposited them in this custom designed raffle machine…


Using the highly proven and patented (by me) selection process of closing my eyes and sticking my hand in the bowl and mixing them around for several seconds…


I prayed and pushed them around all over the bowl one more time and then I selected our winner…


and let me tell you….

she upped her chances considerably because even if I hadn’t drawn her name she was going to get an honorable mention for Encourager Extraordinaire.

Because this girl…right here…

pc/Whitney Mueller <3

is a powerhouse of positive love and encouraging words to me and to so many.

She will give me one of her serious mom looks for telling you, but with the love of Christ burning bright and a fervency of a host of storm troopers…God has packed so much into this tiny little human being.

Among many other things she does and ways she serves….

She lovingly counsels expectant moms at our crisis pregnancy center.

She helps lead a Bible Study for young women.

She presents devotions at one of the local nursing homes.

She serves on several of our church prayer teams and most Sundays you can find her with her head bowed in our prayer room, and let me tell you…the gatekeepers of Hell are shaking in their boots…because I know her prayers avail much <3

She loves her husband and children fiercely.

She speaks the truth in love and is the model of how we are not to shrink back.

When we get to heaven and see her as God made her….she will make the likes of the Hulk look like a lady bug on a leaf.

And I am honored and blessed to call her my friend and one of my greatest cheerleaders.

Congratulations and thank you Kathy <3

Thanks to all who joined in on the fun.

If I was a millionaire I would buy every single one of you a copy. But I’m not…so I pray you will consider purchasing a copy or two of this sweet book <3

Hugs to all and happy Monday <3


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