Does anybody really know what time it is?

My thought for today is short and sweet – I posted on forgiveness on the blog site yesterday and plan a PS to it for tomorrow, so will keep this one simple….

We all know I have a little problem with punctuality. I have been doing a lot better this year. Russ got me a new watch and I think it has just turned the corner for me.

But old habits die hard, so I am always checking the clock and hoping I am going to be where I need to be at the right time.

So the fact that one of the bank marquees that I pass on my way to every other part of my life except the grocery store is running about 8 minutes fast, has caused me no small angst lately!

What cruel irony that as I have turned over this new leaf, this clock scares the living daylights out of me. Every time I pass it, I frantically check my car clock, and my watch; strongly resisting the temptation to also check my phone on the off chance I would be accused of texting while driving.

Even as I reassure myself on all available time devices that the bank clock is off, I pray fervently that I am not late to work. Sorry, I don’t worry so much about church, family and friends….it’s kind of expected that I will arrive in a 5 -15 minute window…..

But when it comes right down to it, the only clock at work that matters is the one I punch in on. The time clock at work is the only reality as far as my employer is concerned. If it begins to run fast, or slow, I will be late or early depending on its dictates.

It kind of makes me think of God. Of course. What doesn’t make me think of Him? =0)

Because when you think about it, all timing and time is really in His hands. I can rush around, or dawdle. I can plot and plan. I can be pressured by someone else’s timing. But in reality, all that really matters is HIS timing. So I start off each day on my knees, and I thank Him for what He has given me and I ask Him to guide me and use me according to His will. And I go. In His timing, on His clock. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Time is really in His hands.

My time, your time, the time clock….all that really matters is His timing.

May you be blessed today as you live surrendered to the One who is both timely and timeless <3

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