Does Tuesday feel like Monday because of the time change?

Sorry for the blurry pic but the child never. sits. still.

I think my brain has spring fever because it is jumping all over the place today so here are some random thoughts on election Tuesday….which help me…I have no idea what any candidate plans to do but I know tons about how awful they think all the other candidates are.

And as a side note …in a world where people like to bash the Church by saying all people know about us is what we are against, I want to say…really? You all need a new church because I know where I attend I get taught about grace and love and forgiveness and Scripture truth. Which is way better than the political scene swirling around us these days.

I warned you my brain is overactive so let’s move along to this…

For a brief shining moment in Camelot, I was the leader in the family bracket.

And since I base my picks on if I like the name of the team and fill it out in about a minute and a half max…this moment will live on in my mind as Hall of Fame worthy.

Then there is this beast…

when we were playing a rousing game of “How do you like my hat?”

He has decided that the couch is the most comfortable sleep spot and manages to work his way around all the kitchen chairs and bar stools that we have set up to try and prevent this activity.


Although, it may be retaliation for …you know…the hat game…since he is at a distinct disadvantage to actually have a turn holding something over my head.

And that’s it for today folks.

I have to vacuum the sofa and vote.

Be blessed and I will see you on Wednesday and P.S. I love your hat <3


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