If the printer decides to mount an attack, I am safe <3

Russ had to travel this week and I must admit, I felt an added edge of protection having Rocco staying with us.

Although he never really barks or seems too alarmed about people coming in and out of the house, I just knew if I needed him…he would ditch the stoic facials and tap into his inner dogness and be my hero.

Sure enough, last night he roused from slumber as I was working at the kitchen table and moved with curiosity towards the front of the house.

He took a defensive posture and gave a couple of threatening barks.

Bolstered by knowing he was a dog of size and power, I ventured from the kitchen…only to hear the printer processing the documents I had just sent via my MacBook…yeah…

when I told him it was just the HP ENVY 5660, he shook his ears, yawned and headed back to bed.

Looks like the only way this weapon of mass destruction is going to do me any harm is if I get a paper cut.


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