Don’t Fall for Deception


Yesterday I made a to do list that filled an entire notebook page. Then I grabbed my camera and drove around town taking pictures of fall leaves before the forecasted rain knocked them all off the trees. I do have my priorities.

While there are many great shots within walking distance of our house, I wanted to get some photos of a particular beauty that I saw earlier that morning on a walk around the lake. The shape of the plant, kind of a round ball, caught my eye, but it was the berries that merited the drive. They were absolutely the most incredible shades of turquoise, blue, purple and then iridescent combinations of all of the above.

IMG_8094 IMG_8096

I parked my car on a side street and crossed the road to get a picture. Two walkers were approaching close enough that conversation was inevitable. It’s me, what would you expect, right?

The man asked what I was looking to photograph and as I described the plant, he started shaking his head. Oh yes, he knew it. He called it by its Latin name and said he had battled it for years in his yard. In his words, “It’s a vine and it is as invasive as hell.”

As I looked, I saw that the plant was probably completely covering some other plant or perhaps a utility box. The tendrils were spreading in all directions, climbing every tree and pole in its path. What a great description of the sins that so easily entangle us.

They are so beautiful, we don’t notice how they are choking out the life we were given. As they creep over us, they begin to cover the work of God in us and take over our identity in Him.

I never have a lesson to teach that God does not make me walk through myself.

A few hours later, I stood at the counter of a clothing store. Oh, just picture one in your mind =0)

I was purchasing a few things that I had carefully thought through and felt were somewhat warranted for the new season. I had even put a couple of pieces back that I knew were just luxuries. While waiting for the total, I saw some new bracelets that had come in for the holidays; several bright colors to choose from, all with little sparkly poinsettia leaves around the circumference. Oh, so pretty! Which one to choose? Or maybe two?

And then: the check in my spirit. And the argument….They are a good price. I like them. I really don’t “NEED” any of the things I bought. etc, etc, etc….

A pretty vine for me, creeping its way over my heart.

In and of itself, the purchase would really not have been wrong. But ignoring the still, small voice would be a deadly vine. I would be choosing between obeying this clear check in my spirit and satisfying a sudden, seemingly harmless, desire.

I want to hear from God. I am always listening for His voice, asking Him to speak to me AND through me. Picking and choosing when I want to hear and obey is, well, as invasive as … you know….

I pray each of you today will hear the still, small voice in little and big things. I pray you will have hearts that listen and obey!



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