Face Time

I ran into a friend today at Target. She couldn’t contain her excitement at being the new owner of an iPhone.

I can relate. I love mine. I mean that. I love the apps. I love the timer. I love getting my email and texts. I love the way I can open a text and it is a movie. Suddenly I am watching 20 seconds of some precious moment from family that I would have missed because we live too far apart. I love the hundreds of pictures I have taken and received.

Oh, yeah, and I guess I enjoy phone calls and stuff too. One of my favorite features is face time. Last night we spent some time talking to our son who lives 8 hours away. To see him laugh, to catch the facial expressions that go with the words, to even get a few glimpses of his apartment as he messed with the camera; what a treat!

Sure, I can’t give him a hug when we say goodbye. I can’t hold onto his arm to add emphasis to the advice I am doling out. I can’t smooth down the hair that’s sticking up when he runs his hands through it. But it sure is the next best thing.

I thought about it this morning when I pulled my bag of books out for quiet time. My bible, devotional, spiral notebook and prayer journal piled on the table. Face time with God.

In the pages and the meditations and the prayers and the tears, I am as close to Him as I can get right now. He reaches through the distance between heaven and earth. He reaches up from inside of me where His Spirit has made a home. And He meets me to teach and guide and correct and just to fellowship.

It’s not the same as it will be someday.

Someday, I will kneel in His very real presence. I will see Him face to face. But for now, this is as good as it can get.

I hope and pray each of you takes time to spend in study and prayer and worship as part of your daily habit.

May you know His smile and to see the expressions that go with His Word.

Bless you as you take TIME to seek His FACE each day <3

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