Err on the side of kindness. Always <3


I have told the story before of a young man who frequently walks the circle around our neighborhood when the weather is warm and amicable to us. 

As he walks, he stops and turns toward the street and waves with the biggest smile for every single passing car. Every. Single. Car. 

We always wave and it is a guaranteedday-brightener. It also puts my own mood in perspective since I am 99.9% of the time in a hurry when I am in a car. I look at how happy he is as he stops his progress to wave and it adjusts my attitude in accord. 

Today as I was taking a hurried morning walk before getting ready for work, I saw the van for our local facility that provides services for children and adults with disabilities pulling away from the house where I know he lives. 

As it passed I made a point to turn and smile as big as I could and wave.

The windows of the van are dark and I have no idea if he saw me and waved back or not. I have no idea if there were others on the van that wondered who the heck that lady waving was. I actually have no idea if he even had gotten on the van. 

But I took a chance that someone waved back at him in case he was waving or just would like to have someone to do him as he does to others. 

Today I urge you – err on the side of love and kindness. Even if you aren’t sure you are doing the right thing in the right way, if it is motivated by love and kindness…do it. 

Blessings on each of you as you shine like stars in a dark world, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much <3 


You are precious and you are dearly loved. 

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