Even when ….. <3


Our hearts are heavy on this Monday morning for a sweet local business that suffered loss from a fire in the wee morning hours. 

I guess you could call it a coffee shop, but it was so much more. 

A sanctuary.


A haven of peace where friends gathered to chat, Bibles were studied, thoughts were journaled and hand crafted cups of warmth and love were gently delivered to your table by the servant hands of Christ. 

And while it was unapologetically a place of worship amongst the Christian community, it was also always a welcome place for anyone. 

The inclusive love of Christ was tangible in every cup, strain of music, act of creativity and kind word delivered by the owners. 

The Facebook post by the owner this morning declared that God is good and Sovereign. 

Even in the hard places.

Even in the stuff of this world that we simply cannot understand. 

And the Body hurts with this family today in the loss of their labor of love that is The River.

And our prayers surround them as they sort through the ashes and our love wraps them tight as they wait for God’s next step for them. 

And our hope is for the something more, something better, something beyond what they could have asked for or imagined. 

Oh that we would all declare at the end of each day, no matter how it went down….that God is good and He is faithful. 

He is Sovereign and He is Lord over all. 

Even over that which we do not understand <3

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