Of Pioneers and such <3


Happy Friday!

I am getting a late start on this!

And I have used two exclamation marks which would indicate I am all full of enthusiasm, but actually I am not. 

It’s a gloomy day here on the prairie and even on my best days, I am not exactly prone to exclamation marks so there’s that disclaimer.

As I was getting ready for the day and planning what I would write, my phone went off with a text reminder that I had a chiropractor appointment before work so all of my efforts went into that effort instead of heading in to send you your weekly note. 

We have been following the sermon series in our Sunday morning class and last Sunday we talked about Jesus being the author, perfecter and pioneer of our faith. 

I was familiar with the author and perfecter names, but somehow I must have filed any reference to the title “pioneer” into that corner of my brain where I store things I need more time and less distractions to process. 

As I dragged it out into the open to prepare for teaching the lesson, I realized that the word pioneer stirs up for me, images of explorers heading out west on a wagon train and I struggled with how that worked with Jesus and my faith. 

But a quick visit to my second favorite book, Webster’s Dictionary, opened up my eyes to the reason translators would select this word in Hebrews 12:2.

I discovered it comes from the origins of a foot soldier and references one who engineers construction; one who goes before others and settles a new place. 

Yes, this is a fitting and most welcome description of Jesus for me.

He has fought the ground war for me and won.

He has and continues to engineer the work in progress that is me.

He has gone before me and He is preparing a place for me. 

And for you 

And for all who would choose to receive Him. 

Have a blessed day

You are loved <3

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