Evidence of God in the every day Day 2

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Happy September! 

This is the day I would normally tell you what I did for my 2020 monthly new habit. But the only thing I did consistently was embrace summer. And in fairness, loving the heat and humidity of summer is a new habit for me. 

Thank you Covid19 for helping me understand that to be able to be outside and enjoying long hours of daylight is a blessing. Thank you for teaching me that my body was conditioned to love the comfort of air conditioning too much. Thank you for helping me learn that by being out in the weather more I adapt to those conditions and eventually don’t even notice them. 

Of course…I am really thanking God because all things, good and bad, come to me through His permissive and loving will. And we know…

that in all things…He does work good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

I will say that I did manage to finish writing the content for a little project I have been working on. Stay tuned for some fun additions to this page <3

So moving along, we are in a little series this week about seeing the evidence of God in our everyday lives.


For me, I see His divine and awesome hand in His creation around me. So much so that I find it astounding that anyone can view the natural world and think it just happened. I find it incredible that any doctor who has studied the various and intricate systems of the body, any scientist who has looked through a microscope or spent time learning about animals and plants and such, anyone who can look into the eyes of a child or who has gasped in awe of a sunset or the ocean…can not see God’s hand. 


Then go beyond that and think on the sensations of love that swell up in us at various times. Or think about the passion that can rise in the soul over and issue that is near and dear. Ponder the sensation of peace and contentment that settles in at the end of a long day or the way you wake from a nap and feel so rested. 

How about the air that moves and the water that cycles? Or the way the ground will push rocks up in a field and in like manner the skin will reject a splinter moving it to the surface to be removed. View the faces around you, each unique in skin tone, eye color, hair…the laugh of one, the rich toned voice of another. Colors and shades and hues, both in nature and developed into paints and dyes.


Paintings and music so beautiful they touch the soul. Words that convey such rich meaning and then phrasings of them that express our hearts in a precise and personal way. His Word, alive and active, in our hands so we can read it. Foods of such variety and knowledge to prepare them in ways that are so pleasing to the palate. 


I see His creative hand in all of these things. I hear Him speak His love through the things He has made. I marvel that He allows us to each receive these thing, no matter what we do with them. Jesus spoke about this in His teachings. 


This is what God does. He gives his best –  the sun to warm and the rain to nourish — to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty. 

Matthew 5:45 The Message

He has made all that is seen and unseen and even if someone were to foolishly choose to believe that He does not exist, still they are recipients of His gifts. But for you and I, who do know Him and love Him and serve Him; every single sight, sound, taste and all the joys and sorrows of this life on planet earth point to Him. 


I pray you see Him all around you today and that you are strengthened by the evidence of His love, mercy and grace towards us <3

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