Express yourself <3

My thoughts are a little scattered as this is my day to help Rachel and Zach out with the boys. For LITERALLY the last 1 hour and 45 minutes (and still counting, thank you Emmett), I have been in the process of getting everyone down for naps. We have had several trips to the bathroom, drinks of water, and glory hallelujah! the day we have all longed for has arrived —– Graham has figured out how to open his bedroom door. Apparently his Lola’s “I mean business” face is hilarious because it has failed to produce the results for which God gave it to me. I must be getting rusty, this used to instill terror in his mom. Not.

All said, I am remembering now why I think I lost part of my brain raising three children. I did.

So……I had to go out to the car and find the sticky note on which I jotted today’s thought for you….ironically, it had to do with family.

This morning on my way up here, I was stopped behind a van at a red light. On the back they had put those new people decals that picture the van’s family. These caught my eye because they were all in color and everyone had their hand up waving at me. Their friendly, and frighteningly similar, smiles drew me in.

So I took the time waiting to check them out and see what I could learn about them. There were parents and three children, two girls and a boy. The boy must like basketball since he had one by his foot. One of the girls must be a shopper because she had a purse on her arm. Mom and Dad apparently just drive them around and wave because they had nothing. Making a judgment call on the smallest daughter, she must like soda or milk shakes because she was holding a drink cup with a straw.

As we pulled away from the intersection, I felt like I knew them a little better.

Aren’t we funny? We really do want to be known. It may be through our clothing or our conversations. It may be through a vanity plate or yard art. We seem to be wired to express who we are in different ways to the general populace out there.

I wonder what my attempts to express who I am are saying about my desire to point others to Christ. I wonder when others are passing by my life, do they see where my heart is and Who it is I serve? I know that one sure way to do this is to find my identity in Him and to promote Him instead of myself. I plan to ponder how to do that more intentionally when I get home tonight, if I can find a working brain cell at that point!

God bless you as you ponder how God would have you express to the world His life hidden now in YOU <3

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