Unless a seed dies….

Our furnace conked out on us sometime in the night. As we wait for our turn in the queue, the house is chilling down rather rapidly. Our little space heater sits at my side like R2D2, and the idea of a warm sunny place is sounding good to me. But just for a little while. I would not want to live in a place without seasons. If I did, I would miss this….

IMG_8820I had to stop on my way home last night and capture the beauty that is the midwest.

The thing I love is that this looks so dead….

IMG_8818so barren…..

IMG_8823so lifeless, hard and cold.

But we know that underneath that frozen ground is the capacity to grow life. The farmer will turn it over in a few months and plant seeds and by mid-summer we will all be praying for rain to either come or hold off. These fields will be full and green. And I will be complaining about how hot it is….

But these seasons are a blessing from God. They mark time and teach us lessons about His ways.


May you find His beauty in every season <3





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