For all my “to do list”, paper loving friends out there <3

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

In keeping with my favorite gift ideas week, I am offering you the perfect item to get for your friends, family and YOURSELF!! as we launch into the busy-ness of December soon.

You all know I love my lists and a place to keep all the ideas and thoughts that are constantly swirling around in my head.

I am always looking for pretty and creative ways to store and organize my words and activities and hopes and dreams and…yes…even my errands….so today I give you…

Some of my favorites.

I have received, given and bought for myself many of these so I am sharing some that are currently in my stash and places I got them. You may not find exact same but so many great ones out there!


This is a great way to journal prayers and thanksgiving in a thoughtful format…

I got this at the Mosaic Cafe at our church – not sure if they still carry them but worth a shot to check out the book selection there <3

You will notice a theme of blocked sections in some of the pads I find helpful.

Here are a couple of weekly planner type sheets that come in a tablet form:

I found that one in the stationery aisle of TJ Maxx and I love the way it gets the tasks organized for you plus offering you a place to make sure you stay well-rounded.

A similar one I found in the same store has been keeping me on track all summer and fall. The front page looks like this:

I put my scheduled tasks in the pink and make my lists in the center. I love the water glass reminder as I am working on things during the day. Above those little glasses I jot down our menu for the week even if it is eating out.

And the best part of this little sheet is…

it has a back side that is even more fun. It divided “work” from “personal” which is helpful for me to keep focused. I love the two sections marked “gratitude” and “memorable events” and the free-form space lets me just jot down loose ideas.

Under the Healthy Habits I list these items:

  • Water (I use my glasses on front to gage my success)
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Study/reading
  • Rest

These are my priorities for staying healthy and balanced. I use a check or a 1/2 or a zero to just hold myself accountable each day. No condemnation – I just strive to hav more checks and 1/2’s than zeros!

I don’t keep these, but before I transfer any unfinished tasks to new week, I can look over the wins as well as what didn’t get done and I have a more realistic grasp of the week that has ended! It helps me focus on the positive instead of just what I didn’t get done.

Here is a similar one:

also from TJ Maxx and with a different look.

The spiral notebook and smaller size is nice as you can carry it with you as you go about errand running or take along to work.

Inside is this treasure of blocking:

I love the simplicity of the blocking and the water glass check in as well!

And then there is this one that I use when I am highly stressed and needing a laugh to keep me going.

It is the desperate to-do list for the overcommitted…and I hope the last section doesn’t offend, but it just cracks me up and we need to laugh when we are overwhelmed….

I think I got this one at The Perfect Pair but have seen at other gift shops. Again…so sorry if it offends but if you grew up a Lochner…this is mild <3

and last of all…

just can never get enough of these…

The light blue one on left was a gift but the other two were purchased on the clearance table at our local upscale department store…check out the gift area sale tables for items like this!

fun and sweet journals of all sizes store sermon notes, prayers of my own heart, ideas for writing projects, teachings from conferences, you name it.

Throw in a pretty pen tied on one of these with a ribbon and believe me, your loved one will be so thankful for a new place to start jotting things down!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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