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Speaking of Thanksgiving…<3


Greetings from the prairie, where the wind is whipping along today at around 30 mph.

I am rather afraid to go see if the light strands are still on the shrubbery out front or if they are winging their way to Oz.

As we continue in the gift idea theme of this week, should come as no surprise to regular readers that I would recommend this delightful cook book and ode to gathering around the table written by Kelly Minter and Regina Pinto…


We have loved everything I have tried so far and the reading material is 100% pure Kelly at her finest.

Whether it is the simplest meal thrown together or something fun you have planned, gathering around the table is where conversation and relationship is the main dish of richest nourishment.

You can find it for around $20 – some places more, some less, here:


Or on Amazon or Lifeway.

Ok – miles to go…be blessed and I will even post tomorrow a little idea…if you have time between football, parades and eating.

And I don’t blow away on the highway…. <3

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